Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 71

Complete issue


The Public Right of Access to Information on Nuclear Energy under the Spanish Legal Regime by Mariano Baena del Alcázar

The Nuclear Weapon Non-Proliferation Treaty and Terrorism: The Consequences of 11 September 2001 on the Treaty Review Process by Gilles Arbellot du Repaire

Case law


Ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court on the Decision to shut units 3 and 4 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (2003)


Judgement of the County Court of Cherbourg concerning the import of spent fuel to La Hague (2003)


Judgement of the Nagoya High Court on the invalidity of the licence to establish the Monju Reactor (2003)

Judgement of the Mito District Court issuing penalties in respect of the Tokai-Mura accident (2003)

United Kingdom

The Principle of Justification: the Application of the Principle to the Manufacture of MOX Fuel in the United Kingdom, by W.J. Leigh

United States

Ruling of the US Court of International Trade in relation to the sale of uranium enrichment services in the United States (2003)

European Union

Commission v Council - Accession of the Community to the Convention on Nuclear Safety, by A. Bouquet (2002)

Administrative decisions


Governmental decision not to appeal court ruling on the conitnued operation of the Borssele Nuclear Power Plant (2002)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Act on the Phase-out of Nuclear Energy for the Purposes of the Industrial Production of Electricity (2003)

Royal Decree Setting out the Composition and Powers of the Scientific Board for Ionising Radiation Established alongside the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (2002)

Royal Order on the Certificate of Training for Drivers of Vehicles Transporting Radioactive Materials by Road (2003)


Resolution of the CNEN on Radioactive Waste Repositories (2002)


Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy (2002)


Amendment to the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (2003)

Chinese Taipei

Ionising Radiation Protection Act (2002)

Nuclear Reactor Facilities Regulation Act (2003)

Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste Management Act (2002)

Czech Republic

Decree on Performance and Management of the National Radiation Monitoring Network (2002)

Decree on Radiation Protection (2002)

Decree on Professional Qualifications and Training of Personnel in relation to Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (2002)

Decree on Personal Radiation Passports (2002)

Decree on Emergency Preparedness of Nuclear Facilities and Workplaces with Ionising Radiation Sources (2002)

Decree concerning Financial Reserves for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations or Category III or IV Workplaces (2002)

Order on Payments to the Nuclear Account by Generators of Radioactive Waste (2002)

Decree on Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Materials, Radioactive Substances and Ionising Radiation Sources (2002)

Decree on Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (2002)

Decree Laying Down a List of Selected Items and Dual-use Items in the Nuclear Sector (2002)


Decree on the Protection of Workers against the Dangers arising from Ionsing Radiation (2003)

Decree on the Protection of Persons Exposed to Ionising Radiation for Medical and Forensic Purposes (2003)

Decree on Intervention in the Event of Emergency Radiological Situations in the Case of Long-term Exposure (2003)

Circular on the Organisation of Medical Care in the Event of a Nuclear or Radiological Accident (2002)

Order Establishing the National Reference Guide on Radiological Risks (2002)


Ordinance on the Management of Radioactive Waste (2002)

Ordinance on the Transport of Radioactive Materials (2002)


Radiological Protection (Amendment) Act (2002)


Ordinance on Urgent Measures for the Disposal of Radioactive Materials and in relation to the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (2003)


Amendment of the Electric Utilities Industry Law and the Regulation Law (2002)

Establishment of the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organisation (2002)

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Law on Protection against Ionising Radiation and Radiation Safety (2002)


Ordinance on Use of Nuclear Energy Exclusively for Peaceful Purposes (2003)

Orders Implementing European Legislation in the Field of Radiation Protection (2002)

Norms on Radiological Safety (2002)

Ordinance on the Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste, including Final Disposal (2003)

Norms on International Shipments of Radioactive Waste involving Romanian Territory (2002)

Norms on Transport of Radioactive Materials (2002)

Norms on Foodstuffs and Feeding Stuffs Contaminated by Radioactivity following a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (2002)

Norms on Foodstuffs and Food Ingredients Treated by Ionising Radiation (2002)

Russian Federation

Federal Law on Technical Regulation (2002)


Amendment to the Act on Protection against Ionising Radiation and Nuclear Safety (2003)


Regulations on the Planning of Radiation Protection Issues before and during the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants (2002)


Federal Act on Nuclear Energy (2003)

Amendment of the Ordinance on Nuclear Third Party Liability (2002)

United Kingdom

Nuclear Industries Security Regulations (2003)

Bilateral agreements

Bulgaria - Ukraine

Agreement on Co-operation in the Field of State Regulation and Control of Safety during the Use of Nuclear Energy (2003)

Czech Republic - Slovak Republic

Agreement on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident (2002)

Romania - Slovak Republic

Agreement on Early Notification of Nuclear Accidents and Information Exchange on Nuclear Facilities (2002)

Multilateral agreements

Negotiations to revise the 1979 Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials (2003)

Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation - MNEPR (2003)

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy



Act on the Phase-out of Nuclear Energy for the Purposes of the Industrial Production of Electricity (2003)


Framework Agreement on a Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation and Protocol (2003)

List of correspondents


Bulgaria: Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy (2002)

Last reviewed: 4 November 2004