Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 70

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Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Law: An Irish Perspective, by Paul O'Higgins SC and Patrick McGrath BL

Case law



Federal Court ruling quashing uranium mill and tailings licence (2002) 23


Ruling of the Supreme Court on the Phase-out Law (2002) 24

Administrative decisions


Parliamentary decision on construction of a new nuclear power plant (2002)



Public vote on the proposal for a final repository for short-lived low and medium-level radioactive waste (2002) 25

National legislative and regulatory activities


Decree on the Structure of the National Atomic Energy Commission (2002) 27
Resolution of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority on Penalties for Offences in repsect of Class II and III Installations, Non-Routine Pratices and the Transport of Radioactive Sources 27


Draft Belgian Act on the Phase-out of Nuclear Energy 28
Royal Order on the Protection of Workers Against the Hazards of Ionising Radiation (2002) 35
Royal Order on the Treatment of Food and Food Ingredients by Ionising Radiation (2002) 35


Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy (2002) 36


Nuclear Fuel Waste Act (2002) 40


Order Establishing an Advisory Council on the Use of Nuclear in Defense Operations (2002)
Decree on the Inspectorate for Nuclear Weapons (2002) 41
Decree on the Organisation and operation of the French Agency for Environmental Health Safety (2002) 42
Decree on the General Protection of Persons Against Ionising Radiation (2002) 42
Order on Information of the Public (2002) 43
Order on the Authorisation for and Control and Verification of Installations for the Treatment of Foodstuffs by Ionising Radiation (2002) 44


Amendment of the X-Ray Ordinance and Other Atomic Ordinances (2002) 44


Order on the Operational Radiation Protection of Outside Workers (2001) 45
Order on the Protection of the Health of Persons Exposed to Ionising Radiation for Medical Purposes (2001) 45
Decree on the Licensing of Shipments of Radioactive Wast Across the National Border (2002) 46
Decree on Environmental Impact Assessment (2001) 46
Order on Radioactive Releases into the Air and into Water in Connection with the Use of Atomic Energy (2001) 46


Regulations on the Statute of the Radiation Safety Board (2001) 47
Regulations on Activities Involving Ionising Radiation Sources, which do not Require a Special Permit (Licence) or Permit (2001) 47
Regulations on the State Duty for the Issue of a Special Permit (Licence) or Permit for Activities Involving Ionising Radiation Sources (2001) 48
Regulations on the Criteria Necessary to Obtain a Special Permit (Licence) or Permit for Activities Involving Ionising Radiation Sources (2001) 48
Regulations on the Procedure for the Issuance of a Special Permit (Licence) or Permit for Activities Involving Ionising Radiation Sources and Procedure for Public Debate on the Establishment of Ionising Radiation Facilities of State Significance or on Essential Modifications thereto (2001) 49
Regulations on the Procedure for Control and Accounting of Exposure of Workers (2001) 49
Regulations on Medical Contraindictions for Practices Involving Ionising Radiation Sources (2001) 49
Regulations on the Procedure for the Dismantling of Ionising Radiation Equipment which does not Contain Radioactive Substances (2002) 50
Regulations on Protection Against Ionsing Radiation (2002) 50
Regulations on the Procedure Governing Activities Involving Nuclear Materials, Related Materials and Equipment (2002) 51
Regulations on Practices Involving Radioactive Waste and Related Materials (2002) 51
Regulations on Generic Principles for Exchange of Radioactive Waste (2002) 51
Regulations on the Protection Against Ionising Radiation during the Transport of Radioactive Materials (2001) 52
Regulations on the Procedure for Packaging and Marking of Ionising Radiation Sources (2001) 52
Regulations on Radiometric Control of Cargo and Goods on the State Border (2002) 52


Resolution Establishing the National Authority for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (2001) 52
Decree-Law on the Protection of the Population Against the Dangers of Ionising Radiation (2002) 52
Decree-Law on Protection Against Ionising Radiation in Relation to Medical Exposure (2002) 53
Decree-Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (2000) 53
Decree-Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea (2000) 53
Decree-Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail (2000) 53
Decree-Law on the Treatment of Food by Ionising Radiation (2001) 54

Russian Federation

New Statute of the Russian Federal Agency for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (Gosatomnadzor) (2002) 54

Slovak Republic

Decree on Requirements on Quality Systems of the Licensees and on Alteration and Amendment of the Decree on the Qualifications of Personnel of Nuclear Installations (2002) 56
Decree on the Safety Documentation of Nuclear Installations and on Alteration and Amendment of the Decree on Emergency Planning in the Event of a Nuclear Incident or Accident (2002) 56
Decree Issuing the List of Special Materials and Equipment (1999) 57


Act on Protection Against Ionising Radiation and Nuclear Safety (2002) 57

International regulatory activities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2002) 59
Implementation of the Revised Action Plan (RAP) for the Safety and Security of Radiation Sources 61

European Union

Amendment to the legislation implementing the Regulation on imports of agricultural products originating in third countries following the Chernobyl accident (2002) 62
Regulation setting up a Community regime for the control of exports of dual-use items and technologies (2000) 63
Council Regulation on the establishment of national systems for surveillance and control of the presence of radioactive materials in the recycling of metallic materials in the member states (2002) 63

Bilateral agreements

Latvia - Lithuania

Agreement on Co-opertion in Radiation Safety (2002) 65

Russian Federation - Ukraine

Agreement on Exchange of Information and Co-operation in the Field of Safety Regulation in Repsect of the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy (2002) 66

Russian Federation - United States

Co-operation on Reduction of Weapons-grade Nuclear Materials (2002) 66

Multilateral agreements

Conclusion of the negotiations to revise the Paris and Brussels Conventions (2002) 68
Negotiations to revise the 1979 Convnetion on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials (2002) 69
Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy 71

Bibliography and news briefs

NEA, INLA, Denmark 79

List of correspondents



Germany: Act on the Peaceful Utilisation of Atomic Energy and the Protection Aganists its Hazards (Atomic Energy Act) (2002)

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