Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 67

Complete issue


The IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety of Radiation Sources and the Security of Radioactive Materials: A Step Forwards or Backwards? by Katia Boustany

The Ospar Convention and its Implementation: Radioactive Substances by Chantal Jarlier-Clément

Case law

Chinese Taipei

Objections to the decision to halt construction of the Lungmen NPP (2001)


Decision on construction of an additional unit at the Ikata NPP (2000)

Supreme Court decisions rejecting applications to close down Shika and Onagawa NPPs (2000)

Administrative decisions


Decision of the Council of State concerning the construction of a permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel (2001)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and Regulations (1999-2000)


Basic Standards for Radiation Protection (2000)


Decree on the Standard Tax Charged on Polluting Activities Due from Operators of Installations Classified for Environmental Protection Purposes (2000)

Amendment of the Orders on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and by Rail (2000)


Law on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (1998)


Amendments to nuclear legislation implementing Euratom Directives (2000)

Amendment to the nuclear third party liability provisions of the Atomic Energy Act (2001)

Amendment to the Foreign Trade Ordinance (2000)

Ordinance on the Treatment of Foodstuffs with Radiation (2000)

General Administrative Regulations on Radioactivity Limits in Food and Feeds (2000)


European Communities (Foodstuffs Treated with Ionising Radiation) Regulations (2000)


Law for Nuclear Siting Area Development (2000)


Amendments to the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damage (2001)


Act on Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety (2000)


Resolution Approving the Decommissioning Programme for Unit 1, Ignalina NPP (2001)


Grand-ducal Regulations on the Protection of the Public against the Risks Resulting from Ionising Radiation (2000)

Grand-ducal Regulations relating to Foods and Food Ingredients Treated with Ionising Radiation (2000)


Norm regarding Selection, Qualification and Training Requirements for Staff of a NPP (2000)

Norm regarding Solid Residue as Radioactive Waste (2000)


Law on Nuclear-Weapons-Free Status and its Implementing Resolution (2000)


Amendment to the Nuclear Energy Act (2000)


Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (2000)


Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Ordinance (2001)


Atomic Energy Act (2000)


Royal Decree on Activities Comprising the Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (1999)


Amendment to the Nuclear Liability Act (2001)


Increase in the amount of nuclear third party liability insurance (2000)


Decree establishing the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine (2000)

United Kingdom

Nuclear Safeguards Act (2000)

United States

Amendment to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (2000)

Amendments to NRC Export and Import Regulations (2000)

Amendment to NRC Regulations governing the licensing of special nuclear material (2000)

Amendments to NRC Regulations governing the requirements for certain generally licensed industrial devices containing by-product material (2001)


Law on Radiation Protection (2000)

International regulatory activities

European Union

Food Irradiation Directives (1999)

Bilateral agreements

Armenia- Russian Federation

Co-operation Agreement on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy (2000)

Austria - Switzerland

Agreement on the Exchange of Information in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (1999)

Czech Republic - Slovenia

Arrangement on the Exchange of Information in the Nuclear Field (2000)

Estonia - Finland

Agreement on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency and on Exchange of Information and Experience in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (1999)

France - United States

Agreement for Co-operation in Advanced Nuclear Reactor Science and Technology (2000)

Japan - United States

Agreement in the Field of Nuclear Technologies (2000)

Turkey - Ukraine

Agreement on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and on Exchange of Information on Nuclear Facilities (2000)

Ukraine - United States

Implementing Agreement concerning the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (2000)

Multilateral agreements

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy



Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources

List of correspondents


Latvia: Act on Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety (2000)

Last reviewed: 25 September 2002