Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 66

Complete issue


Compensation Regimes Applicable to radiation Workers in OECD Countries

Tokai-Mura Accident, Japan: Third Party Liability and Compensation Aspects

Case law


Judgement in the Public Civil Action concerning the Goiânia radiologial accident (2000)


Judgement on Environmental Assessment of Proposed Used Fuel Dry Storage Project (2000)


Judgement of the Council of State confirming the definitive shut-down of Superphénix (2000)


Decision of the Nürnberg-Fürth Court rejecting a compensation claim for a work-related accident (2000)


Decision of the Council of State rejecting licenses for transport of nuclear fuel (2000)

Shut-down of Borssele's NPP (2000)

United States

Decisions relating to the DOE's obligations to accept spent nuclear fuel and HLRW from NPPs (2000)


Decision concerning the construction of a permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel (2000)


Votes on new energy taxes and early closure of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant

National Legislative and regulatory activities


Resolution on the Nuclear Emergency Response System (1999)

Resolution approving the Standards on the Management of Radioactive Waste (1999)


Decision approving the Statute of ANRA (2000)


Royal Order setting out the Fees to establish an inventory of all nuclear installations (2000)

Amendment of the Act on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2000)


Nuclear Safety and Control Act (1997)

People's Republic of China

Amendment to the Law on Product Quality (2000)


Decree on the Atomic Energy Commission (2000)

Decree delegating power of signature to the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy (2000)

Amendment of the Decree on Emergency Plans (2000)

Circular on the Prevention of Major Accidents involving Dangerous Substances (2000)

Decree on the Final Shut-down and Dismantling of the Installation at Pierrelatte (2000)


Agreement on the future role of nuclear energy (2000)


Radiological Protection Act 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Order (2000)


Establishment of the Nuclear Installation Management Company (1999)

Decrees implementing the most recent Euratom Directives in the field of radiation protection (2000)


Reorganisation of the Japanese Government in the nuclear sector (2001)

Approval of the establishment of the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (2000)

Law on Final Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste (2000)


Requirements for Quality Assurance Programme on Radiation Safety (1999)

Regulations on Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials (1999)

Regulations on the Elimination of Effects of an Accident during the Carriage of Nuclear Materials (1999)


Law on the Decommissioning of Unit 1 at Ignalina NPP (2000)


Provision on nuclear energy import ban in the Law on the Liberalisation of the Electricity Market (2000)


Transfer of Nuclear Safety Department to Ministry for the Environment (2000)


Order on Basic Standards for Radiological Safety (2000)

Order on Fees for Licensing Activities (2000)

Slovak Republic

Decree on Emergency Planning in the Event of a Nuclear Incident or Accident (1999)

Decree on the Qualifications of Personnel of Nuclear Installations (1999)

Regulation on Events Occurring in Nuclear Installations (2000)

Decree on Documentation on Nuclear Installations during Decommissioning (1999)

Decree on Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Materials (1999)

Decree on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities, Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste (1999)

Regulation on the Management of Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel (2000)

Decree establishing Requirements for Transport of Radioactive Materials and Waste (1999)


Act on Export of Dual-Use Goods (2000)


Transfer of responsibilities in the field of nuclear energy (1999)

Redefinition of the tasks of the Nuclear Safety Council (1999)

New Regulations on Nuclear and Radioactive Installations (1999)


Law on the Licensing of Activities in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2000)

United Kingdom

Re-organisation of the body responsible for the physical security of the civil nuclear industry (2000)

United States

Establishment of the National Nuclear Security Administration (2000)

Cross-Border Co-operation and Environmental Safety in Northern Europe Act (2000)

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Programme Act (2000)

International regulatory activities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2000)

European Union

Amendments to the Regulation on Imports of Agricultural Products originating in Third Countries (2000)

Recommendation on the Monitoring of the Levels of Radioactivity in the Environment (2000)

Transfer of responsibilities for nuclear safety issues (2000)

Bilateral agreements

Argentina – Bulgaria

Co-operation Agreement in the Field of Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy (2000)

Argentina – Romania

Memorandum of Understanding for Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (2000)

Australia – New Zealand

Agreement concerning the Transfer of Uranium (1999)

Australia – United States

SILEX Agreement (1999)

Australia – EURATOM

Implementing Agreement concerning Plutonium Transfers (1998)

Austria – Belarus

Agreement on Exchange of Information in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (2000)

Canada – Romania

Implementation of the Agreement for Co-operation in the Development of Atomic Energy (2000)

People's Republic of China – Russian Federation

Co-operation Agreement for the Construction of a Fast-breeder Reactor in China (2000)

France – Italy

Addendum to Co-operation Agreement on Reactors of the Future and Advanced Technology (2000)

France – Russian Federation

Agreement on Third Party Liability for Nuclear Damage (2000)

France – Slovenia

Agreement for the Exchange of Information and Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety (2000)

France – United States

Memorandum of Understanding on Co-operation relating to Future Nuclear Techology (2000)

France – CERN

Convention on the Safety of Research Installations situated on French Territory (2000)

Japan – Russian Federation

Memorandum of Understanding on Co-operation in the Field of Non-proliferation in Russia (2000)

Kazakhstan – United States

Agreement for Co-operation concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (1997)

Republic of Korea – Slovenia

Arrangement for the Exchange of Information and Co-ooperation in the Field of Nuclear Safety (2000)

Russian Federation – United States

Agreement related to the Disposal of Weapons-grade Plutonium (2000)

Slovak Republic – United States

Renewal Arrangement for Co-operation in Nuclear Safety Matters (2000)

Slovenia – South Africa

Arrangement for Co-operation in the Regulation of Nuclear Safety (1999)

Multilateral agreeements

Annual Meeting of the OSPAR Commission (2000)

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy



Act Amending the Act on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2000)

France - Russian Federation

Agreement on Nuclear Liability (2000)

Bibliography and news briefs

NEA, France, INLA

List of correspondents



Law on the Licensing of Activities in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2000)