Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 65

Complete issue


A Code of Conduct on the Safety of Radiation Sources and the Security of Radioactive Materials by Katia Boustany

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and the Process for Its Enhanced Review on the Eve of the 2000 Review Conference by Cyril Pinel

Case law


Judgement allowing the return of nuclear waste from France (2000)


Council of State Judgement on the Risk Analysis within the Licensing Application (1999)

Judgement of the Cour de Cassation on the Operation of a Classified Installation without a Licence (1999)


Rejection of claims calling for permanent closure of the Monju reactor (2000)


Decision invalidating the limitation in time of the operating licence of the Borssele plant (1999)

Decision rejecting licences for storage and transport of nuclear fuel (1999)

United States

Decision rejecting a request barring MOX fuel shipment (1999)

European Union

Lirussi v. Bizzaro (1999)

European Court of Human Rights

Athanassoglou and Others v. Switzerland (2000)

Administrative decisions


Decision on the establishment of the Interministerial Commission for Atucha II (2000)


Agreement on a compensation plan for the early shutdown of Barsebäck 1 (1999)


Rejection of the constitutional initiative requesting shutdown of the Mühleberg NPP (1999)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Law for the Safe Utilisation of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes (1999)

Decree on State Regulation of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (2000)

Law on Public Protection in Emergency Situations (1998)


Decree establishing a Uniform State System of Accounting and Control of Radiation Sources (1999)


Decree on Bodies within the Federal Public Administration (1999)

Resolution of the CNEN on Protection against Fire in NPPs (1999)

Resolution of the CNEN on Quality Assurance for NPPs (1999)

Resolution of the CNEN on the Control of Nuclear Materials (1999)


Nuclear Safety and Control Act (1997)

Peoples' Republic of China

Restructuring of the Public Nuclear Sector in China (1999)

Regulations on the Export Control of Nuclear Dual-Use Items and Related Technologies (1998)

Hong Kong, China

Adaptation of the Ordinance on Nuclear Materials (1999)


Act on Protection against Ionising Radiation (1999)

Ordinance on the Conditions governing the Licensing of Expert Activities on Ionising Radiation Protection (1999)


Decree establishing a National Dose Register of Radiation Workers (1999)

Decree establishing the Procedure for Management, Registration and Transfer of Radioactive Waste (1998)

Act on Export, Import and Transit of Strategic Goods (1999)


Amendment to the Tax Regime Applicable to Major Nuclear Installations (1999)

Decree on Major Nuclear Installations classified as Secret (1999)

Order setting out General Technical Rules to Prevent and Limit Pollution and External Risks resulting from the Operation of Major Nuclear Installations (1999)

Order setting out General Technical Rules on the Limits and Conditions governing Samples and Waste subject to Licensing, carried out by Major Nuclear Installations (1999)

Order modifying the Order establishing the Technical Conditions for Certain Controls carried out by "Well-known Senders" or by Air Carriers in order to Ensure the Safety of Air Freight (1999)


Reliability Assessment Ordinance for Licence Applications (1999)

Re-organisation of Advisory Bodies in the Nuclear Sector (1998)

Recommendations on Protection against Catastrophes in the Surroundings of Nuclear Installations (1999)

Ordinance on Exceptions from the Provisions of the RID (1999)

Air Transport Act (1999)

Amendments to the Dangerous Goods Ordinances (1999)

Amendments to the Foreign Trade Ordinance (1999, 2000)

Act implementing the Verification Agreement as Revised by the 1998 Protocol (2000)


Amendment to the Regulation Law (1999)

Transfer of the Nuclear Safety Commission to the Prime Minister's Office (1999)

Special Law on Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Disaster (1999)

Ordinances implementing the Law on Compensation for Nuclear Damage and the Law on the Indemnity Agreement for Compensation of Nuclear Damage (1999)

Republic of Korea

Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act (1999)

Republic of Moldova

Law on Licensing of Certain Activities (1999)


Atomic Energy Law (1998)


Regulation on the Accreditation of Bodies in the Nuclear Field (1999)


Act on Transport of Dangerous Goods (1999)

South Africa

Nuclear Energy Act and National Nuclear Regulator Act (1999)


Amendment to the Radiological Protection Ordinance (1999)

Ordinance on Individual Dosimetry (1999)

Ordinance on the Fund for the Management of Radioactive Waste from NPPs (2000)


Restructuring of the Nuclear Sector (1999)

Law on the Licensing of Activities in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2000)

International regulatory activities

European Union

Amendments to the 1990 Regulation on imports of agricultural products originating in third countries following the Chernobyl accident (2000)

Bilateral agreements

Belgium – France

Co-operation Agreement on Chooz NPP and Exchange of Information (1998)

Bulgaria – Slovak Republic

Agreement for Co-operation on the State Control of Safety in the Use of Atomic Energy (1999)

Croatia – Hungary

Agreement on the Early Exchange of Information in the Event of a Radiological Emergency (1999)

Croatia – Slovenia

Agreement on Early Exchange of Information in the Event of a Radiological Emergency (1999)

France – United Kingdom

Collaboration Agreement in the Field of Nuclear Waste Management and Dismantling of Nuclear Installations (1999)

Germany – Hungary

Agreement on Mutual Assistance in the Event of Catastrophe or Severe Accident (1998)

Germany – Romania

Agreement on Co-operation and Information Exchange in the Field of Nuclear Safety (1998)

Indonesia – United Kingdom

Memorandum of Agreement concerning Co-operation in Research & Development, Production and Marketing of Radioisotopes for Medical or other Use (2000)

Israel – United States

Letter of Intent on Co-operation in the Fields of Non-proliferation, Arms Control, and Regional Security (2000)

Kazakhstan – United States

Agreement for the Exchange of Technical Information and Co-operation in Nuclear Safety Matters (1999)

Co-operation Arrangement concerning Decommissioning of the BN-350 Reactor (1999)

Lithuania – Sweden

Framework Agreements for Co-operation in the field of Nuclear Safety (2000)

Slovak Republic – Slovenia

Agreement for the Exchange of Information in the Field of Nuclear Safety (1999)

Sweden – Ukraine

Agreement on Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety (1999)

Multilateral agreements

Status of Conventions in the field of Nuclear Energy


NEA, INLA, Sweden

List of correspondents



Law for the Safe Utilisation of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes (1999)


Act on Protection against Ionising Radiation (1999)

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