Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 61

Complete issue


The Protocol Amending the 1963 Vienna Convention by V. Lamm

The Compensation Convention: Path to a Global Regime for Dealing with Legal Liability and Compensation for Nuclear Damage by B. McRae

The Development of Nuclear Law Making or the Art of Legal "Evasion" by K. Boustany

Case law


Federal Court Decision on Jabiluka Uranium Mine


New Decisions on the Mülheim-Karlich and Krümmel Nuclear Power Plants by H. Posser


Decision concerning Chernobyl-related damage

United States

DOE's Responsibility for Disposal of Spent Fuel by S. Angelini

National legislative and regulatory activities


Decree Establishing the Atomic Energy Commission (1996)


New Law on Radiation Protection of the Public (1998)


Act on the Staffing of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (1997)

Royal Decree on Radiation Protection (1997)


Decree Establishing the National Electrical Energy Agency (1997)

Resolution on Protection Against Fires (1997)

Resolution on Possession of Radioactive Sources by Natural Persons (1997)

People's Republic of China

Overview of Nuclear Legislation in China

Czech Republic

Act on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (1997)


Order on Dose Limits for Ionising Radiation (1997)


Radiation Act (1997)


Installations for the Protection of the Environment (1997)

Orders on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (1997)

Uniform Procedure for the Transport of Dangerous Materials by Road (1997)


Atomic Energy Act and Act on the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (1998)

The Third Ordinance Implementing the Preventive Radiation Protection Act (1997)

Ordinance on Cosmetics (1997)

Ordinance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways (1997)

Amendment to the Foreign Trade Ordinance (1997-1998)


New Third Party Liability Regime under the Act on Nuclear Energy (1997)


State System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (1998)

Control of Strategic Goods and Import of Radioactive Substances (1997-1998)

Amendment to the Licensing Regulations (1998)


Regulations on Licensing of Nuclear Activities (1998)

Creation of the Board of State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (1997)


Decree on Protection Against Ionising Radiation (1997)

Decree on the Use of Ionising Radiation for Medical or Dental Purposes (1997)


Liability Amount of the Operator of a Nuclear Installation (1998)


Regulation Exempting Certain Activities from Licensing (1997)

Registration and Monitoring of Ionising Radiation Sources (1997)

Conditions for the Import, Export and Transit of Nuclear Materials (1997)

Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection and Staffing Conditions (1997)


Amendment of the Law on the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities (1998)

Slovak republic

Law on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy (1998)


Act on the Phasing-out of Nuclear Power (1997)


Ordinance on Third Party Liability (1997)


Act on the Management and Disposal of Waste (1996)

United Kingdom

Merger of British Nuclear Fuels plc & Magnox Electric plc (1998)


Law on Uranium Ore Mining and Processing (1997)

Amendment of the 1995 Nuclear Act (1997)

Law on Protection Against Ionising Radiation (1998)


Ordinance on Radiation Safety and Control (1997)

International regulatory activities

Nuclear Energy Agency

Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the 1960 Paris Convention (1998)

European Union

Implementation of Council Directive 96/29/Euratom (1998)

Bilateral agreements

Argentina – Euratom

Co-operation Agreement Relating to the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (1996)

Argentina – Greece

Agreement on Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (1997)

Argentina – United States

Co-operation in the Area of Nuclear Energy (1997)

Australia – Indonesia

Co-operation in Nuclear Science and Technology (1997)

Peoples' Republic of China – United States

Co-operation Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (1998)

Agreement of Intent Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology (1997)

France – Lithuania

Protocol of Co-operation (1997)

Germany – United States

Co-operation in the Area of Nuclear Energy (1998)

Greece – Romania

Early Notification and Information on Nuclear Facilities (1997)

Hungary – Ukraine

Early Notification and Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety (1997)

Switzerland – United States

Agreement in the Field of Radioactive Waste Management (1997)

Multilateral agreements

Co-operation in Transportation of Nuclear Materials (1997-1998)

Entry into Force of the Energy Charter Treaty (1998)

OSPAR Convention on the North-east Atlantic (1997)

Status of recent Nuclear Conventions (1998)

Bibliography and news briefs

NEA, INLA, France, Ukraine

List of correspondents


Czech Republic

Act on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (1997)


Radiation Act (1997)

Last reviewed: June 1998