Nuclear Law Bulletin

No. 59, June 1997

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Comprehensive Ban on Nuclear Tests
by J. Bourgois

Reflections on Liability and Radiological or Nuclear Accidents: The Accidentsat Goiania, Forbach, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl
by M-C. Boehler

Perpetuity of Rights and Obligations in the Agreement for Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy Between Euratom and the United States
by R. Lennartz


Case law


Council of State's Judgment of 28 February 1997 on Superphenix


Constance Shortt and Others v. Ireland and the Attorney General and British Nuclear Fuels plc.

United States

Litigation from the 1979 TMI Accident Takes Another Turn

U.S. Court of Appeals Decision: Department of Energy's Legal Obligation to Accept Spent Nuclear Fuel

European Commission

Judgment of the Court of First Instance in the KLE Case

Judgment of the Court of Justice in the ENU Case


Administrative decisions


Decree on Dismantling the EL4 Reactor


National legislative and regulatory activities


National Law on Nuclear Activities (1997)


Application of the 1994 Law relating to Radiation Protection and the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (1996)



Order Relating to Nuclear Safety Policy (1996)

Law Relating to a Special Pension for the Victims of the Accident at Goiania (1996)

Czech Republic

Act on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (1997)


Modification of the 1975 Decree for the Protection of Workers Against the Dangers of Ionising Radiation in Basic Nuclear Installations (1997)...

Decree Specifying Conditions for the Allocation of Nuclear Materials to Defence Purposes (1996)

Law on Air and the Rational Use of Energy (1996)


Amendment of the Revised 1959 Atomic Energy Act (1996)

Amendment of the Radiation Protection Ordinance and of the X-Rays Ordinance (1996)

Ordinance to Implement the Federal Act on Radiation Protection (1996)

Ordinances on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (1996)

Amendments to Foreign Trade Act and the Foreign Trade Ordinance (1996)


Implementation of Euratom Directives into Domestic Law (1996/1997)


Atomic Energy Act (1996)


Atomic Energy Act (1997)


Dumping at Sea Act (1996)


Decrees Relating to Radiation Protection of Patients (1997)


Law on the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy (1997)


Revision of the Atomic Energy Act (1996)


Regulation Concerning Licences for Activities Dealing with Radioactive Substances andOther Radiation Sources (1996)

Basic Regulations for the Protection Against Ionising Radiation (1997)


Law on Nuclear Energy (1996)


Federal Regulations Relating to Safety, Health and the Environment in the Workplace (1997)

Russian Federation

Legislation in the Field of Nuclear Safety and the Financing of Nuclear Activities (1996/1997)

Act on the Radiation Safety of the Public (1997)

Regulation on Nuclear Materials (1996)

Regulation on Nuclear Weapons (1996)


Modification of the Ordinance on Third Party Liability in Nuclear Matters (1996)

United Kingdom

Privatisation of AEA Technology plc. (1996)

United States

Privatisation Plan for U.S. Enrichment Corporation (USEC) (1996)

U.S. Draft Legislation on Spent Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste (1997)


International regulatory activities

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Collective Opinion on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (1996)

Seminar on Nuclear Liability and Insurance Issues in Russia (1997)


European Union

Decision Concerning the Control of Exports of Dual Use Goods (1996)

The Seveso Directive II (1996)


Bilateral agreements

Bulgaria - RussiaN FEDERATION

Agreement for Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Energy (1996)

Germany - United States

Agreement on the Exchange of Technical Information and Co-operation in the Field of Reactor Safety Research and Development (1995)

Mexico – United States

Arrangement for the Exchange of Technical Information and Co-operation in Nuclear Safety and Research Matters (1997)


Multilateral agreements

Convention on Nuclear Safety – Preparatory Meeting (1997)


List of correspondents



Law on the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities

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