Nuclear Law Bulletin

No. 54, December 1994

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The Convention on Nuclear Safety,
by Odette Jankowitsch

Case law

- Canada
Legal challenge to the Canadian Nuclear Liability Act

- United Kingdom
The THORP Case (1994)

- European Commission
Common supply policy for nuclear materials (1993)

Administrative decisions

- Switzerland
Site for a radioactive waste repository (1994)

National legislative and regulatory activities

- Argentina
Decree reorganising the nuclear sector (1994)

- Australia
Amendment of the 1987 ANSTO Act (1993)

- Austria
Adaptation of nuclear legislation due to entry into European Union

- Belgium
Radiation protection and Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (1994)

- Bulgaria
Accession to the Vienna Convention and Joint Protocol (1994)

- Denmark
Increase of the amount of compensation (1994)

- France
Decree setting up OPRI (1994)
Decree specifying tasks of CEA bodies (1994)
Order on accounting of nuclear materials (1994)

- Germany
Seventh Act to amend the Atomic Energy Act (1994)
Reorganisation of the railway system (1994)
Second Act on criminal acts against the environment (1994)
Foreign Trade Act amendment (1994)
Amendment of export and import lists (1994)

Nuclear Energy and Radiological Protection Act (1987)

- MadagascarDecree on protection against ionizing radiation (1993)

- Mexico
Health and safety at work with ionizing radiation sources (1994)
Land transport of dangerous materials and wastes (1993)
Classification of nuclear articles subject to import/export licensing

- Netherlands
Amendment of Nuclear Energy Act (1992)

Act on protection against ionizing radiation (1993)

- Poland
Special control rules for trade in certain goods and technologies

- Slovenia
Nuclear third party liability legislation (1994)

- Switzerland
Revision of Atomic Energy Act and Order (1994)

- Tunisia
Act and Decree on the National Centre for Nuclear Science and
Technology (1994)

- United Kingdom
The Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations (1993)
Radioactive Substances Act (1993)

- Uruguay
Act on approval of nuclear power plants (1991)
Act on radioactive waste (1992)
Act on environmental protection (1994)
Decree on toxic and dangerous substances (1994)

International regulatory activities

- OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
Meeting on liability issues raised by assistance to Eastern Europe
Bratislava training seminar on nuclear law (1994)
Collective expert opinion on radiation protection (1994)
- International Atomic Energy Agency
General Conference (1994)

Organisation of the Agency (1994)

Bilateral agreements

- Australia/United Kingdom
Agreement on former UK nuclear sites in Australia (1993)

- Bulgaria/Germany
Agreement on co-operation in nuclear safety and radiation protection

Agreed framework between the USA and the DPRK

- France/Japan
Agreement on co-operation in the field of radioactive waste (1994)
- Germany/Ukraine
Agreement on co-operation in nuclear safety and radiation protection

- Norway/Ukraine
Agreement on early notification and information exchange (1994)

- Slovenia/United States
Agreement on technical information exchange and co-operation in nuclear safety (1993)

Multilateral agreements

Status of Nuclear Liability Conventions
Status of Tlatelolco Treaty


Agreed framework between the USA and the DPRK


Austria's position on Euratom


France, Netherlands, NEA, IAEA

List of correspondents