Nuclear Law Bulletin

Nuclear Law Bulletin

The Nuclear Law Bulletin is a unique international publication for both professionals and academics in the field of nuclear law. It provides authoritative and comprehensive information on nuclear law developments. Published twice a year in both English and French, it features topical articles written by renowned legal experts, covers nuclear legislative developments worldwide and reports on relevant case law, bilateral and international agreements and regulatory activities of international organisations.

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Current issue

Nuclear Law Bulletin 99 (2017)
Articles Reformed and reforming: Adapting the licensing process to meet new challenges by Stephen G. Burns
  Reflections on the development of international nuclear law by Vanda Lamm
  Facing the challenge of nuclear mass tort processing by Norbert Pelzer

Back issues available

Nuclear Law Bulletin 98 (2016)
Articles Strengthening the international legal framework for nuclear security: Better sooner rather than later by Anthony C. Wetherall
  Brexit, Euratom and nuclear proliferation by Anna Södersten
  McMunn, et al. v. Babcock and Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc., et al.: The long road to dismissal by Marjorie Berger
Nuclear Law Bulletin 97 (2016)
Articles Nuclear third party liability in Germany by Christian Raetzke
  Towards nuclear disarmament: State of affairs in the international legal framework by Sylvain Fanielle
  The application of the Espoo Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context to nuclear energy-related activities
Nuclear Law Bulletin 96 (2015)
Articles Treaty implementation applied to conventions on nuclear safety by Michel Montjoie
  Crisis, criticism, change: Regulatory reform in the wake of nuclear accidents by Kimberly A. Sexton
Nuclear Law Bulletin 95 (2015)
Articles Entry into force of the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage: Opening the umbrella by Ben McRae
  Towards a new international framework for nuclear safety: Developments from Fukushima to Vienna by Emma Durand-Poudret
  Nuclear arbitration: Interpreting non-proliferation agreements by Peter Tzeng
Nuclear Law Bulletin 94 (2014)
Articles Facilitating the entry into force and implementation of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material: Observations, challenges and benefits by Peri Lynne Johnson
  The legal status of nuclear power in Germany by Professor Dr Thomas Mann
  Challenges facing the insurance industry since the modernisation of the international nuclear third party liability regime by Alain Quéré
  Draft Federal Act of the Russian Federation "The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and its Financial Security" by Yulia Lebedeva
Nuclear Law Bulletin 93 (2014)
Articles Progress towards a global nuclear liability regime
  The Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage and participation by developing countries: A South African perspective by David B. Davies
  Fusion energy and nuclear liability considerations by William E. Fork and Charles H. Peterson
  Nuclear energy and Indian society: Public engagement, risk assessment and legal frameworks
Nuclear Law Bulletin 92 (2013)
Articles Uranium mining and production: A legal perspective on regulating an important resource by Lisa Thiele
  Turkish nuclear legislation: Developments for a nuclear newcomer by Erinç Ercan and Horst Schneider
  Nuclear law and environmental law in the licensing of nuclear installations by Christian Raetzke
Nuclear Law Bulletin 91 (2013)
Articles The post-Fukushima Daiichi response: The role of the Convention on Nuclear Safety in strengthening the legal framework for nuclear safety by Peri Lynne Johnson
  Adequate protection after the Fukushima Daiichi accident: A constant in a world of change by Commissioner William C. Ostendorff and Kimberly A. Sexton
  Safer nuclear energy through a higher degree of internationalisation? International involvement versus national sovereignty by Norbert Pelzer
  Special report on the Second Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Law Association, "India's nuclear energy sector: Business opportunities and legal challenges", 2 March 2013, Mumbai, India
Nuclear Law Bulletin 90 (2012)
Articles A common high standard for nuclear power plant exports: overview and analysis of the Nuclear Power Plant Exporters' Principles of Conduct by George Perkovich and Brian Radzinsky
  The MCP Altona incident: the Canadian regulatory response and framework for the export of uranium by Jacques Lavoie
  Conflict of law issues related to Switzerland's participation in the Paris Nuclear Third Party Liability Regime by Michael Waldner
  The impact of the Additional Protocol and Strengthened Safeguards: effects on the International Atomic Energy Agency and on states by Benjamin Katzenberg
Nuclear Law Bulletin 89 (2012)
Articles Global nuclear law in the making? Joint exercise of public powers in the nuclear field: the case of the revision of the International Basic Safety Standards, by Zoltán Turbék
  Italian decommissioning in the post-referendum era, by Vincenzo Ferrazzano and Serena Scarabotti
  Through the looking glass: placing India's new civil liability regime for nuclear damage in context, by Robert J. Gruendel and Els Reynaers Kini
  Legal aspects of the control and repression of illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials – Is there a need for an international convention? by Scott Spence
Nuclear Law Bulletin 88 (2011)
Articles The status of radioactive waste repository development in the United States – December 2011, by David R. Hill
  The Radioactive Waste Directive: a necessary step in the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste in the European Union, by Ute Blohm-Hieber
  The continuing role of item-specific agreements in the IAEA safeguards system, by Cristian DeFrancia
  Fukushima: liability and compensation, by Ximena Vásquez-Maignan
Nuclear Law Bulletin 87 (2011)
Articles International nuclear law in the 25 years between Chernobyl and Fukushima and beyond, by Selma Kuş
  Regulatory and institutional framework in Japan against the background of Fukushima, by the Legal Affairs Section of the OECD/NEA
  Legal and regulatory aspects of long-term operation of nuclear power plants in OECD member countries, by Sam Emmerechts, Christian Raetzke and Benjamin Okra
  Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC) and harmonisation of nuclear liability law within the European Union, by Ben McRae
Nuclear Law Bulletin 86 (2010)
Articles Between Shadow and Light: The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Forty Years On, by Abdelwahab Biad
  Competition Law and the Nuclear Sector: An EU Outlook, by Miguel Sousa Ferro
  The Brussels I Regulation and Liability for Nuclear Damage, by Jakub Handrlica
  Deliberations on Compensation and Remediation of Nuclear Damage to the Environment, by Norbert Pelzer
  International Court of Justice on Potential Transboundary Damage and its Consequences in Nuclear Law, by Marie Cletienne
Nuclear Law Bulletin 85 (2010)
Articles The Momentum of the European Directive on Nuclear Safety – From the Complexity of Nuclear Safety to Key Messages Addressed to European Citizens, by Yvan Pouleur and Petr Krs
  The Independence of the Nuclear Regulator, Notes from the Canadian Experience, by Brenda MacKenzie
  Nuclear Renaissance in Italy – Maintaining Momentum, by Fabrizio Iaccarino
  The Temelín-Judgement of the European Court of Justice, by Wolf-Georg Schärf
Nuclear Law Bulletin 84 (2009)
Articles Nuclear New Build – New Nuclear Law?, by Norbert Pelzer
  The Directive Establishing a Community Framework for the Nuclear Safety of Nuclear Installations: The EU Approach to Nuclear Safety, by Massimo Garribba, Amelia Chirtes and Monika Nauduzaite
  Harmonisation of Nuclear Liability in the European Union: Challenges, Option and Limits, by Jakub Handrlica
Nuclear Law Bulletin 83 (2009)
Articles The Review Conference Mechanism in Nuclear Law: Issues and Opportunities, by Carlton Stoiber
  National Implementation and Enforcement of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaties, by Lisa Tabassi
  The Decommissioning of Asse II – Burden of the Past in the Federal Republic of Germany, by Hanns Näser
Nuclear Law Bulletin 82 (2008)
Articles U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation and Non-Proliferation, by Yash Thomas Mannully
  Environmental Law and Nuclear Law: A Growing Symbiosis, by Sam Emmerechts
Nuclear Law Bulletin 81 (2008)
Articles Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Licensing New Reactors in the United States, by Stephen G Burns
  The EU and Non-Proliferation: Need for a Quantum Leap?, by Roland Kobia
  Environmental Law Developments in Nuclear Energy, by Stanley David Berger
  Perspective on the Pros and Cons of a Pooling-type Approach to Nuclear Third Party Liability, by Simon Carroll
Nuclear Law Bulletin 80 (2007)
Articles Judicial Progress in Germany's Nuclear Waste Disposal Policy, The Konrad Repository Decisions of 26 March 2007, by Gunther Kühne
  Critical Reflections on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, by Quentin Michel
  The "Incentive" Concept as Developed in the Nuclear Safety Conventions and its Possible Extension to Other Sectors, by Tammy de Wright
Nuclear Law Bulletin 79 (2007)
Articles The Universal Legal Framework Against Nuclear Terrorism, by Walter Gehr
  The Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage: Catalyst for a Global Nuclear Liability Regime, by Ben McRae
  International Pooling of Operators' Funds: An Option to Increase the Amount of Financial Security to Cover Nuclear Liability?, by Norbert Pelzer
Nuclear Law Bulletin 78 (2006)
Article Right of Innocent Passage of Ships Carrying Ultra-hazardous Cargoes, by Miguel Sousa Ferro
Nuclear Law Bulletin 77 (2006)
Articles Nuclear Transparency and Safety Act: What Changes for French Nuclear Law?, by Marc Léger and Laetitia Grammatico
  Revised Paris and Vienna Nuclear Liability Conventions – Challenges for Insurers, by Mark Tetley
Nuclear Law Bulletin 76 (2005)
Articles International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, by Odette Jankowitsch-Prevor
  The International Regime on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, by Lourdes Vez Carmona
Supplement Estonia: Radiation Act (2004)
Nuclear Law Bulletin 75 (2005)
Articles The Reform of the Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy and of the Brussels Supplementary Convention, by Roland Dussart Desart
  The Proliferation of International Nuclear Law's Actors: Resolution 1540 and the Security Council's Fight against Weapons of Mass Destruction falling into Terrorists' Hands, by Bruno Demeyere
  Protection of Nuclear Facilities against Aircraft Crash - Legal Aspects concerning Licensing and Supervision currently under disscusion in Germany, by Ulrike Feldmann
  Normative Rule Making at the IAEA: Codes of Conduct, by Anthony Wetherall

Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy of 29 July 1960, as Amended by the Additional Protocol of 28 January 1964, by the Protocol of 16 November 1982, and by the Protocol of 12 February 2004

  Convention of 31 January 1963 Supplementary to the Paris Convention of 29 July 1960 on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy, as Amended by the Additional Protocol of 28 January 1964, by the Protocol of 16 November 1982, and by the Protocol of 12 February 2004
Nuclear Law Bulletin 74 (2004)
Articles The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty – Eight Years After the Opening of the Treaty for Signature: What is the Situation?, by Gilbert Le Goff and Denys Rousseau
  The Concept of Responsibility to Future Generations for the Management and Storage of Radioactive Waste, by Eugénie Vial
Supplement Iceland: Act on Radiation Protection (2002)
Nuclear Law Bulletin 73 (2004)
Articles Putting the Cart before the Horse – the Case against a New Regime covering Radioactive Waste Incidents during Transport, by Jeffrey A. Miller
The Safety Regime covering Transboundary Movement of Radioactive Waste and its compatibility with the Trade Regime, by Lutz Strack
Supplement Croatia: Act on Nuclear Safety (2003)
Nuclear Law Bulletin 72 (2004)
Articles The IAEA Nuclear Safety Conventions: An Example of Successful "Treaty Management"?, by Gunther Handl
  Protection of Civilian Nuclear Installations in time of Armed Conflict, by Vanda Lamm
Supplement Switzerland: Act on Nuclear Energy (2003)
Nuclear Law Bulletin 71 (2003)
Articles The Public Right of Access to Information on Nuclear Energy under the Spanish Legal Regime, by Mariano Baena del Alcázar
  The Nuclear Weapon Non-Proliferation Treaty and Terrorism: The Consequences of 11 September 2001 on the Treaty Review Process, by Gilles Arbellot du Repaire
Supplement Bulgaria: Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy (2002)
Nuclear Law Bulletin 70 (2002)
Article Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Law: An Irish Perspective, by Paul O'Higgins SC and Patrick McGrath BL
Supplement Germany: Act on the Peaceful Utilisation of Atomic Energy and the Protection Against its Hazards (Atomic Energy Act) (2002)

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