International Nuclear Law Essentials

International Nuclear Law Essentials (INLE) is a five-day course run by Legal Affairs for lawyers, policymakers, engineers, scientists and other professionals working in the nuclear field.

Building on the International School of Nuclear Law, INLE looks at contemporary issues in nuclear law presented by specialists from international organisations, governments, and private industry.

Subject areas include:

  • environmental and nuclear law;
  • nuclear regulatory and licensing regimes;
  • international radiological protection standards;
  • nuclear accident notification and assistance;
  • spent fuel and radioactive waste management;
  • liability, compensation and insurance for nuclear damage;
  • nuclear security and international safeguards;
  • non-proliferation of nuclear weapons;
  • transport of nuclear material and fuel;
  • international trade;
  • contracting issues.

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Information on the next INLE session (anticipated in 2015) will appear on this web page. For more information, contact:

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Last reviewed: 10 February 2014