Compare natural isotope

Some natural elements are not easily comparable as they are sometimes not present as such in a given evaluation. For example, Silicon is given only as Natural in JEF-2.2 and its isotopes are given in JEFF-3.1.1.

To compare total cross-section of SiNat in JEF-2.2 versus that of JEFF-3.1.1 you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Open the nuclide chart of Nubase 2003 to retrieve the abundances of Si-28, Si-29 and Si-30.

    NUBASE Chart of Nuclides
  2. Perform an ENDF search with the following parameters:

    ENDF Search dialog
  3. “Open results” in a new Renderer window.

  4. Right-click on a node to select the menu “Computations>New...”.

  5. Enter the following equation: (<Si28>*92.2297+<Si29>*4.6832+<Si30>*3.0872)/100.0

    Computation dialog
  6. You can then plot the JEFF-3.1.1 computed cross-section and the JEF-2.2 one.


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