JANIS downloads

JANIS 4.0 janis-4.0.zip (10.2MiB)
MD5: 868e4d488c60a996458619eb15cc49bc
Windows, Unix, Linux
Software only (*)
janis-4.0-osx10.8.app.zip (10.2MiB)
MD5: 698955d6d20f8afc8f3880b3cc221ea9
Mac OS X (10.8 and later) bundle
Software only (*)
janis-4.0.app.zip (10.2MiB)
MD5: 325cb43e466edd395ed7915554918047
Mac OS X bundle
Software only (*)
janis-4.0_manual_rev1.pdf (3.22MiB) User's manual
JANIS-4.0.iso (4.37GiB)
MD5: eb26dc3c1980016f7e79f6925a445b2b
Full DVD ISO (**)
Software and databases
JANIS-4.0.iso.001 (900MiB)
JANIS-4.0.iso.002 (900MiB)
JANIS-4.0.iso.003 (900MiB)
JANIS-4.0.iso.004 (900MiB)
JANIS-4.0.iso.005 (876MiB)

part 001: a1d33da2378e42e08a2c8baa7f8cf4b6
part 002: f3eb55f2b28cf6a37002429310be423d
part 003: 47c70b54383ec8cb3d9575c25b261670
part 004: 79429ac50f4af5c135a62a914f5dac28
part 005: 8e52e2507172f12e40c3b7e9a9819203
Full DVD ISO (**)
splitted into 900MiB files (***)
Software and databases
groups.zip (21KiB) Group structures
JANIS 3.4 janis-3.4.zip (9.57MiB)
Software only (*)
janis-3.4.app.zip (9.58MiB)
Software only (*)
janis-3.4_manual.pdf (2.86MiB) User's manual
JANIS 3.3 janis-3.3a.zip (9.69MiB) Software only (*)
janis-3.3_manual.pdf (1.64MiB) User's manual
JANIS 3.2 janis-3.2.zip (8.52MiB)
Software only (*)
janis-3.2.app.zip (8.54MiB)
Mac OS X bundle
janis-3.2_manual.pdf (5.65MiB) User's manual
JANIS 3.0 janis-3.0.zip (8.87MiB) Software only (*)
Janis.app.zip (9.03MiB)
Mac OS X bundle
janis-3.0_manual_rev1.pdf (3.2MiB) User's manual
JANIS 2.2.2 janis-2.2.2.zip (4.65MiB) Software only (*)
JANIS 2.2.1 janis-2.2.1.zip (4.64MiB) Software only (*)
JANIS 2.2 janis-2.2.zip (4.60MiB) Software only (*)
janis-2.2_manual.pdf (1.18MiB) User's manual
JANIS 2.1 janis-2.1.zip (4.19MiB) Software only (*)
janis-2.1_manual.pdf (1.18MiB) User's manual
JANIS 2.0 janis-2.0.zip (5.14MiB) Software only (*)
janis-2.0_manual.pdf (1.41MiB) User's manual

(*) With only the software you can display your own data files but also connect to NEA remote database.
If you have a permanent Internet connection this could be more efficient than accessing data on your DVD or hard drive.

(**) See Wikipedia to learn what you can do with ISO images.

(***) Download all parts and join them with a tool like HJSplit or standard OS commands like cat, copy


In order to launch JANIS, you should have a Java virtual machine installed on your computer, go here for more information : Java help page

EXFOR compilers

A special command line tool is available for you here: TRANS Checker

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Last modified:13 April 2018