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Summary figures for 2014

The following information is from the NEA publication Nuclear Energy Data, the annual compilation of official statistics and country reports on nuclear energy in OECD member countries.

Number of nuclear power plants connected to the grid
Nuclear electricity generation
(net TWh) 2014
Nuclear percentage of total electricity supply
OECD Europe
1 888.0

* Provisional data

Country report

In 2012, plans to build a second NPP in the Netherlands were postponed for an indefinite period due to a weak electricity demand. The newly elected government, in autumn 2012, did not express strong positive or negative feelings towards nuclear energy.

The Urenco enrichment facility in the Netherlands is in the process of gradually expanding its capacity after a licence was granted in 2011 for a capacity of 6.2 million SW/year.

There are no uranium mining activities or fuel fabrication facilities in the Netherlands.

In 2011, a licence was granted to the Borssele NPP for the use of MOX fuel, but the amount of MOX fuel in the core is limited to a maximum of 40% by the licence. It is expected to be introduced into the core in a stepwise fashion starting in 2014.

In 2013, the Borssele NPP received a licence for long-term operation, extending its operating life from 2014 to the end of 2033.

In the Netherlands, the spent fuel from the Borssele NPP is sent to La Hague, France for reprocessing. The resulting vitrified waste and metal residues are sent back and stored in an interim storage facility at the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste (COVRA) in Vlissingen, not far from the Borssele NPP.

Source: Nuclear Energy Data 2015

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