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Uranium supply adequate to meet demand
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Uranium supply adequate to meet demand

Forty Years of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand in PerspectiveThe most complete record of the uranium industry to be published to date concludes that uranium supply will remain adequate to meet demand. Forty Years of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand in Perspective draws on the twenty editions of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand (also known as the "Red Book") released since 1965. In the retrospective, information from the Red Book has been supplemented by previously unavailable data.

More information is available at

New publications

Forty Years of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand in Perspective
The Red Book Retrospective
ISBN 92-64-02806-4. 278 pages.

Releasing the Sites of Nuclear Installations
A Status Report
ISBN 92-64-02307-0. 34 pages (280 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Liberation des sites des installations nucléaires
Rapport de synthèse
ISBN 92-64-02308-9. 34 pages (277 ko).

Source Convergence in Criticality Safety Analyses
Phase I: Results for Four Test Problems
ISBN 92-64-02304-6. 204 pages (2.0 mb).

Nuclear safety

Participants in the stress corrosion cracking and cable ageing project (SCAP) held their first technical meeting on cable insulation ageing on 18-19 September 2006 in Paris, France. This part of the project, a Japanese initiative, aims to: establish a database covering major ageing phenomena for the degradation of cable insulation; create a knowledgebase of evaluated data; and assess the available data with a view to identifying the basis for best practices which will help regulators and operators to further improve ageing management.  

The NEA workshop on Benchmarking of Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes for Application to Nuclear Reactor Safety, held on 5-7 September 2006 in Garching, Germany, was an occasion to monitor the current status of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code validations for nuclear reactor safety issues and to promote the availability and distribution of experimental data suitable for benchmarking. The workshop outcomes will be described in a forthcoming technical report on the evaluation of existing CFD assessment criteria and applied to the establishment of a web-based assessment matrix for CFD codes. More information is available at

The NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities has just issued a report on appropriate corrective actions for pressurised water reactors following a loss of residual heat removal while in mid-loop condition. A survey of member countries found that the corrective actions currently applied range from voluntary (by the operator) to mandatory (as imposed by the regulatory authority). The report's authors conclude that voluntary initiatives are not very effective, while mandatory solutions imposed by the regulator (or in some cases jointly compiled by the utility and the regulator and then issued as requirements) are. The full report is available at

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Nuclear science

At the American Nuclear Society's Topical Meeting on Reactor Physics, PHYSOR-2006, which was held on 10-14 September 2006 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the NEA exhibited its work in the following areas: the International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments project,; the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation project,; the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion project,; and radiation shielding and dosimetry (SINBAD), The conference was organised and hosted by the Canadian Nuclear Society and co-sponsored by the NEA. More information is available at The next topical meeting will be held in Interlaken, Switzerland on 14-18 September 2008.

Data Bank


Nuclear data

The annual meeting of the Nuclear Reaction Data Centres (NRDC) network, a worldwide co-operative network of nuclear data centres, was held at IAEA headquarters on 25-28 September 2006 in Vienna, Austria. Participants discussed the international collaborative efforts to collect and compile experimental nuclear reaction data for the EXFOR database and agreed to modify the output data format to facilitate the interpretation of retrieved data. A working group will be formed to address the accuracy and quality of the EXFOR data. A new structure of the bibliographical database CINDA was presented for further discussion. Links between the CINDA and EXFOR databases have been strengthened by the introduction of an automatic cross-referencing system. It is planned to publish a complete index of reaction data references by the end of 2006. More information is available at

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at: .

29-SEP-2006 IAEA1312 MERGER2004, Merges ENDF/B Data by Material Number or Identifier
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1313 MIXER2004, Cross-Section Calculations for a Composite Mixture of ENDF Format Material
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1310 LEGEND2004, Angular Distribution Table Calculations in ENDF Format
29-SEP-2006 IAEA0849 GROUPIE2004, Bondarenko Self-Shielded Cross Sections from ENDF/B
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1309 FIXUP2004, ENDF Format Redundant Cross Sections Check
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1322 EVALPLOT2004, ENDF Plots Cross Section, Angular Distribution and Energy Distribution
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1308 DICTIN2004, Reaction Index Generated for ENDF Format
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1307 CONVERT2004, FORTRAN Program Converter for Different Computers
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1321 COMPLOT2004, Compare ENDF/B Plots of Reaction Data
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1380 ACTIVATE2004, Activation Cross Section by Combining Cross Section and Multiplier (ENDF Fomat)
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1379 PREPRO2004, Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format)
29-SEP-2006 IAEA0848 RECENT2004, Reconstruction of Cross-Section Data from Resonance Parameters
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1311 LINEAR2004, Linear-Linear Interpolation of ENDF Format Cross Sections
29-SEP-2006 IAEA0932 VIRGIN2004, Calculates Uncollided Neutron Flux and Neutron Reactions from Transmission in ENDF Format
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1314 RELABEL2004, Labels FORTRAN Statements in ENDF Format Processing Programs
29-SEP-2006 IAEA0854 SIGMA1-2004, Doppler Broadening ENDF Format Linear-Linear. Interpolated Point Cross Section
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1283 SIXPAK2004, ENDF Format Double Differential Cross-Section Converter to Single Differential Format
29-SEP-2006 IAEA1408 WLUP, 69 and 172 Group Cross-Section Libraries for WIMS
28-SEP-2006 NEA-1424 ZZ FSXJ32, MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.2
ZZ FSXLIBJ33, MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.3
22-SEP-2006 NEA-1693 ZZ V1000CT-1&2, VVER-1000 Main Coolant Pump Switching-on, Coolant Mixing Tests, Main Steam-Line Break Benchmarks
21-SEP-2006 IAEA1420 ZZ-ADS-LIB/V1.0, A test library for Accelerator-Driven Systems
20-SEP-2006 NEA-1745 ZZ-ALEPH-LIB-JEFF3.1, MCNP Neutron Cross-Section Library based on JEFF3.1
(Now tested)
20-SEP-2006 NEA-1486 ICSBEP-2006, International Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiment Handbook
15-SEP-2006 NEA-1552 SINBAD ACCELERATOR, Shielding Benchmark Experiments
12-SEP-2006 NEA-1676 ERRORJ, Multi-group covariance matrices generation from ENDF-6 format

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