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New publications

Publications on sale can be ordered at the OECD bookshop:

The Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
ISBN 92-64-01421-7. Price: €70, US$88, £48, ¥9 600. 321 pages.

Disponible également en français :
La sûreté du cycle du combustible nucléaire
ISBN 92-64-01423-3. Prix : €70, US$88, £48, ¥9 600. 344 pages.

Free publications are available at Paper copies may be requested by sending an e-mail to

Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation
Eighth Information Exchange Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 9-11 November 2004
ISBN 92-64-01059-9. 160 pages + CD-ROM (4.2 mb).

International Peer Reviews for Radioactive Waste Management
General Information and Guidelines
ISBN 92-64-01077-7. 36 pages (130 kb).

Publication bilingue :
Revues internationales par des pairs pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs
Informations générales et lignes directrices
ISBN 92-64-01077-7. 36 pages (130 ko).
Review of the Role, Activities and Working Methods of the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI)
ISBN 92-64-01062-9. 39 pages (217 kb).

Nuclear safety

The NEA will hold a workshop on Structural reliability evaluation and mechanical probabilistic approaches for examining nuclear power plant components on 25-27 September 2006 in Lyon, France. Originally intended to discuss and disseminate the results of the NEA benchmark on probabilistic structural integrity of a pressurised water reactor pressure vessel (PROSIR), the workshop has been broadened to cover current practices and the state of the art as regards mechanical probabilistic approaches. More information is available at

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Radiological protection

As part of its mandate, the NEA Expert Group on the CRPPH Collective Opinion (EGCO) is exploring the challenges associated with managing and assessing radiological protection risks. The group held its final meeting on 7-9 November 2005 and is expected to present its draft Collective Opinion for CRPPH review and approval in March 2006.

The NEA Expert Group on the Implications of Radiological Protection Science (EGIS) also met on 7-9 November. The group is focusing on the assessment of ongoing radiobiological and epidemiological studies so that "what if" scenarios can then be explored with respect to possible impacts on radiological protection policy, regulation and application.

More information is available at

Data Bank

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at: Detailed news concerning the computer program service is available at:

  30-NOV-2005 ESTS0219 TOUGH2, Unsaturated Ground Water and Heat Transfer
T2VOC, H2O, Air, VOC Flow Simulation in Porous Multi-dimensional Media
iTOUGH2, Inverse Modelling for TOUGH2 Multi-phase Flow Simulators
  24-NOV-2005 NEA-1697 IFPE/HATAC, Fission Gas Release at High Burn-up, Effect of a Power Cycling
  21-NOV-2005 IAEA1285 EPICSHOW, Interactive Viewing of EPIC (Electron Photon Interaction Code) Data Library
(Now tested)
  16-NOV-2005 IAEA1388 FOTELP-2K3, Photons, Electrons and Positrons Transport in 3-D by Monte Carlo Techniques
(Now tested)
  08-NOV-2005 IAEA1395 XNWLUP, Graphical user interface to plot WIMS-D library multi-group cross sections
(Now tested)
  07-NOV-2005 ESTS1049 NRCPIPES, Fracture Mechanics of Cracked Pipes
(Now tested)
  07-NOV-2005 ESTS1100 HABIT, Toxic and Radioactive Release Hazards in Reactor Control Rooms
(Now tested)

Instructions on retrieving material from the NEA may be found at Please note that scientific database access is only available to residents of OECD/NEA Data Bank member countries.

Instructions on retrieving material from the NEA may be found at Please note that scientific database access is only available to residents of OECD/NEA Data Bank member countries.

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