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New publications

Chemical Thermodynamics of Nickel
Chemical Thermodynamics Series, Volume 6
ISBN 0-444-51802-9. 648 pages.

Chemical Thermodynamics of Selenium
Chemical Thermodynamics Series, Volume 7

ISBN 0-444-51403-1. 894 pages.

Projected Costs of Generating Electricity - 2005 Update
ISBN 92-64-00826-8. 232 pages.


Disponible également en français :
Coûts prévisionnels de production de l'électricité - Mise à jour 2005
ISBN 92-64-00828-4. 248 pages.

Free publications are available at Paper copies may be requested by sending an e-mail to

Accelerator and Spallation Target Technologies for ADS Applications
A Status Report
ISBN 92-64-01056-4. 92 pages (5.3 mb).

The JEFF-3.0 Nuclear Data Library
JEFF Report 19 – Synopsis of the General Purpose File
ISBN 92-64-01046-7. 136 pages (1.7 mb).

The Strategic Plan of the Nuclear Energy Agency 2005-2009: Summary
ISBN 92-64-01057-2. 12 pages (67 kb).

Nuclear safety

The NEA committees concerned with nuclear safety research and regulation have, in 2005, completed forty years of multilateral exchanges. The NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) and the NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) have therefore decided to hold a joint forum to reflect on what has been learnt, what challenges are foreseen in the future and whether the NEA arrangements that have served the international community well in the past remain appropriate. Multilateral Co-operation in Nuclear Safety Research and Regulation: NEA Safety and Regulation Forum (SRF 2005) will be held on 14-15 June 2005 in Paris, France. More information is available at

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Radiological protection

The NEA Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters met on 18-19 April 2005 at NEA headquarters. Discussions covered the upcoming INEX-3 nuclear emergency preparedness exercise, the development of a policy-level exercise strategy document and future priorities for the working party. The ongoing INEX series of international exercises have proved successful in testing and developing nuclear emergency response arrangements. The next exercise in this series, INEX-3, addresses international interest in the consequence management issues that would arise during the early phase of an incident. More information is available at

Nuclear science

The NEA Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC) met on 8-9 April 2006 in Antwerp, Belgium to review the status of the major evaluated nuclear data libraries and worldwide progress in nuclear data measurement. Four of the working party's sub-groups have now completed their work and will submit their final reports before the end of 2006. Three new sub-groups were established to examine the following areas: covariance data in the fast neutron region; the validation of fission product decay data for decay heat calculations; and nuclear data needs for advanced reactor systems. Additionally, the working party decided to slightly revise the format of the high priority request list for nuclear data. More information is available at

Data Bank

Thermochemical Database (TDB) project

Two new reviews were published in April by the Thermochemical Database Project (TDB): Chemical Thermodynamics of Nickel and Chemical Thermodynamics of Selenium. The TDB database has been consequently updated with new files which can be downloaded from the NEA website by registered users. To register, please visit
Registered users can access the new data files directly at Previous volumes in the series examined the chemical thermodynamics of Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium and Technetium. More information is available at

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at: .

25-APR-2005 USCD1207 PHREEQC, Modelling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential PHREEQCI, Windows Interactive Version of PHREEQC PHRQCGRF, Code to create graphs from the data generated by PHREEQC
20-APR-2005 IAEA1402 ENDVER-ENDVER/GUI, The ENDF File Verification Support Package
14-APR-2005 NEA-1735 CARL2.1, radiotoxicity, activity, dose and decay power calculations for spent fuel

Instructions on retrieving material from the NEA may be found at Please note that scientific database access is only available to residents of OECD/NEA Data Bank member countries.

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