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April 2001

Covers new material for March 2001

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The April bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
Nuclear safety
Radioactive waste management
Radiation protection
Nuclear science
Data Bank

New publications

Second International Nuclear Emergency Exercise INEX 2 / Deuxième exercice international d'urgence INEX 2 Final Report of the Hungarian Regional Exercise / Rapport final sur l'exercice régional hongrois
ISBN 92-64-08640-4. 82 pages.

Free publications are available at

Nuclear safety

Nuclear safety news Regular features

Radioactive waste management

The 34th plenary session of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) was held in Paris on 7-9 March 2001. A half-day policy debate on radiological protection of the environment, held with the NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health, preceeded the meeting. More information is available at 01-04-rwm.html.

Thirteen regulators representing eleven countries attended the RWMC Regulators' Forum on 6 March 2001. The Forum's open and informal format is intended to promote discussions on a range of regulatory issues. It is a unique opportunity for waste management regulators to exchange practical national experiences. More information is available at 01-04-rwm.html.

Radiation protection

The Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) held its 2001 annual meeting on 5-7 March 2001. The Committee discussed its accomplishments during the past year and agreed upon a programme of work for the coming year. The most significant topics of interest to the Committee continue to be the evolution of the system of radiation protection, stakeholder involvement in the radiation protection decision-making process, nuclear emergency management, and occupational exposure management. More information about the work of the CRPPH is available at

Nuclear science

The NEA Working Party on the Physics of Plutonium Fuels and Innovative Fuel Cycles (WPPR) has analysed and discussed the results of a study of MOX-loaded BWRs. It has also endorsed a proposal for initiating a high-temperature reactor (HTR) plutonium physics benchmark, and a benchmark exercise on kinetic parameters through calculation and experiment comparisons of reactivity effects. The WPPR is organising its next workshop on Advanced Reactors with Innovative Fuels (ARWIF-2001), scheduled for 22-24 October 2001, in Chester, UK. For more information on this workshop (including online registration) see For more information about the Working Party's activities, see

The NEA Expert Group on Reactor-based Plutonium Disposition (TFRPD) held final discussions on LEU and MOX VVER-1000 reactor physics benchmarks. The results will be published in late 2001. In a new analysis, participants compared the experimental measurements in the MOX-loaded KRITZ 2 reactor at different temperatures. Concerning fuel performance, modelling of PWR and VVER fuels, i.e. solid and hollow pellets, with different codes, have now been finished. The results will be compared to data from other experiments. This activity aims to facilitate the sharing of existing information and experience in the physics and fuel behaviour of MOX, which contributes to speeding up the process of plutonium disposition. For more information see

Data Bank

Nuclear data services

The NEA has received copies of the JAERI Progress Report (INDC(JPN)-187), which covers the period January-December 2000. The report contains single-page updates from the various Japanese institutions involved in Nuclear Data research. To request a free copy, please contact Mark Kellett ( at the NEA Secretariat, including your full name and postal address.

Computer program services

A page giving the list of all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at

New software packages available from the Data Bank:

22-MAR-2001 NEA-1195 CASKET, Thermal & Structural Analyses for Transport & Storage Cask (Arrived)
21-MAR-2001 NEA-1640 ZZ-BWRTT, BWR Turbine trip Transient Benchmark based on Peach-Bottom 2 (Arrived)
13-MAR-2001 NEA-1313 BWRDYN, Thermal hydraulic analysis of a BWR plant (Arrived)
09-MAR-2001 NEA-1597 IFPE/DEMO-RAMP-I & II, Pellet Clad Interaction Behaviour,Fast Power Ramping (Arrived)
08-MAR-2001 PSR-0350 MC2-2, Calc. Fast N Spectra and Multigroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B Data (Arrived) 

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