Nuclear Energy Agency Online Bulletin

February 2001

Radioactive waste management

Forum on Stakeholder Confidence

The Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) met on 17-18 January 2001 at NEA headquarters. The FSC is intended to facilitate the sharing of experience in addressing the societal dimension of radioactive waste management, to explore means of ensuring an effective dialogue with the public, and to consider ways to strengthen confidence in decision-making processes.

Participants at the meeting defined the FSC's modus operandi and strategy of alternating meetings and workshops. The annual meetings, which may include topical sessions on specific issues of interest, will be used to plan and elaborate the lessons learnt from the workshops. The annual workshops will focus on stakeholder involvement in waste management issues in the host country. Stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds will be invited to express their views on the nature of their involvement and the processes in which they are involved. Countries have been asked to consider their interest and opportunity for hosting the FSC workshops over the next three years. The projected date of the first workshop is November-December 2001.

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