Co-sponsored meetings and conferences

The conferences and symposia listed below are organised by national or international bodies for which NEA co-sponsorship or co-operation has been requested.


16-18 January

North American ISOE ALARA Symposium / 2006 EPRI Radiation Protection Conference


This Symposium is designed to meet the needs of nuclear utility professionals with responsibilities in the areas of radiation exposure control and health physics. The focus will be on all aspects of nuclear plant radiation exposure management and control including: source term reduction, health physics program design and routine operations, ALARA management, improved techniques and tools, safety and cost reduction. The conference will also provide a forum for information exchange between vendors and other members of the industry.


Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE)

Where Orlando, Florida, USA
12-16 February

PIME 2006 (Public Information Media Exchange)

  PIME is the annual international workshop for public information specialists active in the nuclear energy field and is unique of its kind. The objective of these conferences is to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of communications professionals from the nuclear community (research centres, regulators, industry, government, etc).
Organiser European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Where Vienna, Austria
2006 International ISOE ALARA Symposium
  This symposium is targeted at radiation protection professionals (radiological protection and maintenance
managers and senior staff members in health physics, chemistry) from all types of nuclear power plants (NPPs), research reactors, contractors and radiological protection authorities.
Organiser ISOE European Technical Centre
Where Essen, Germany

4th International Symposium on the Release of Radioactive Material from Regulatory Control – Harmonisation of Clearance Levels and Release Procedures


This symposium is a follow-up to the very fruitful conference held in 1999 in Hamburg and is meant to be a platform to inform all participants about national regulations for clearance and international work in defining levels for clearance and authorised use, in order to promote international harmonisation.

Organiser TÜV NORD SysTec, Germany
Where Hamburg, Germany
21-23 March ENS TopNux 2006 – Topical Meeting on New Reactor Systems
  The purpose of the conference is to present: the role of nuclear energy and the prospects for future reactor systems as part of a diversified energy mix and energy policy; the experience from various countries in demonstrating their nuclear power plant operations and economic performance in existing and new build and waste management experience; an international meeting place for reactor designs that are being deployed, near to deployment or being licensed; proposed policy options and resolution of issues for new builds; latest news on long-term strategies for advanced reactors.
Organiser European Nuclear Society (ENS) and British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES)
Co-organised by the Institution of Nuclear Engineers

London, United Kingdom

ANS Radiation Protection and Shielding Division Topical Meeting
  The purpose of the conference is to present: the role of nuclear energy and the prospects for future reactor systems as part of a diversified energy mix and energy policy; the experience from various countries in demonstrating their nuclear power plant operations and economic performance in existing and new build and waste management experience; an international meeting place for reactor designs that are being deployed, near to deployment or being licensed; proposed policy options and resolution of issues for new builds; latest news on long-term strategies for advanced reactors.
Organiser American Nuclear Society

Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA

30 April-4 May

ANS International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference – Global progress towards safe disposal

  The conference is a forum for the discussion of the scientific, technical, social and regulatory aspects for the “back-end” of the nuclear fuel cycle. These issues include waste generation, transportation, storage, treatment, disposal, and associated aspects (such as facility remediation, regulation, and stakeholder involvement).
Organiser American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Where Las Vegas, NV, USA
VALDOR 2006 Symposium

VALues in Decisions On Risk (VALDOR) addresses theory and overall approaches as well as practical case studies. It is expected that the Symposium will highlight problems and ways forward in the areas in focus as well as give examples of good practice from case studies. VALDOR 2006 will focus on nuclear waste management, electromagnetic fields, cleaning-up and remediation of sites contaminated with chemicals and certain topics in biotechnology.

Organiser Karita Research (Sweden), Congrex Sweden AB
Where Stockholm, Sweden
PSAM8 - International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management

The objective of the PSAM conferences is to promote rational decision making to assure safety and reliability and to optimise the use of resources for complex systems. This is to be achieved through the use of risk assessment and risk management methods. The conferences provide a public forum for information exchanges covering both theory and applications of these methods to the design and operation of technological systems and processes.

Organiser International Association of Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (IAPSAM)
Where New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Topical Conference on Improving Nuclear Safety Through Operating Experience Feedback: Present Challenges and Future Solutions
  The aim of this conference is to bring together both managers and technical level experts to discuss today's concerns, future challenges and ways to benefit from available nuclear power plant operating experience in all its forms and levels for safer and more efficient nuclear power.
Organiser OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
Where Cologne, Germany
4-8 June ICAPP '06 - ANS International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants

The programme for ICAPP '06 will cover the full spectrum of Nuclear Power Plant issues from design, deployment and construction of plants to research and development of future designs and advanced systems. The program is expected to cover lessons learned from power, research and demonstration reactors from over 50 years of experience with operation and maintenance, structures, materials, technical specifications, human factors, system design and reliability.

Organiser American Nuclear Society
Where Reno, Nevada, USA
IYNC 2006 International Youth Nuclear Congress
  The technical programme for IYNC 2006 consists of four parallel tracks: Nuclear Science and Technology, Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning, Non-power Applications of Nuclear and Nuclear Politics and Economics.
Organiser IYNC
Where Stockholm, Sweden
10-14 September PHYSOR-2006 American Nuclear Society Topical Meeting on Reactor Physics

The theme for PHYSOR-2006 is "Advances in Nuclear Analysis and Simulation". Topical sessions will cover: Reactor Physics;Reactor Analysis Methods; Fuel Cycle Physics; Fuel/Core Design and Analysis; Advanced Reactor Designs; Alternative Concepts; Accelerator and Spallation Physics; Research Reactor Applications; Nuclear Data; Neutron Physics; Biomedical Applications; Space Applications.

Organiser Canadian Nuclear Society
Where Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


ENS Topseal 2006 – Waste and Decommissioning


Waste management and decommissioning are among the top priorities of the nuclear industry. The issue of safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal is crucial to improve public understanding. Several reactors are expected to be shut down in the coming two decades so the decommissioning of nuclear facilities has become increasingly important. Therefore in the context of a renewed public and political debate on the role of nuclear in the energy mix to help meet Kyoto requirements, both issues have become vital to the future of nuclear. The technical programme will include debates on the state-of-the-art technology and R&D of waste treatment and disposal, national and international regulatory aspects, stakeholder involvement, and public communication.

Organiser European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Where Olkiluoto, Finland  

9th Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

The meeting will cover scientific, as well as strategic/policy developments in the field of P&T, such as:

  • the role of P&T in advanced nuclear fuel cycles, including impacts on waste management policies;
  • developments in partitioning and management of the wastes produced;
  • the technology of dedicated accelerator-driven systems as transmutation devices, including developments in accelerators, materials (targets, coolants) and fuels;
  • the performance of advanced reactors (Generation IV) and dedicated systems for transmutation and the safety of the latter;
  • R&D needs, including benchmarks, data improvements, experiments and the role of international collaboration.

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Where Nîmes, France
October (tbc) 2006 Asian ISOE ALARA Symposium
  This regional ISOE symposium is organised to provide a regional forum to promote the exchange of ideas and management approaches to maintaining occupational radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). The Symposium will focus on exchange of dose reduction experiences in Asian countries.

Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) Asian Technical Centre

Where Kashiwazaki, Japan
1-4 October

3rd International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology (HTR 2006)


This meeting is a forum for experts on HTR technology. It also aims to promote and stimulate international collaboration. It will cover topics such as research projects in HTR, fuel and fuel cycles, nuclear engineering analysis (neutronics, thermo-hydraulics etc.), materials and components, experimental programmes and benchmarking, and nuclear process heat applications.


European Union Technology Network on the High Temperature Reactors (HTR-TN)

Where Gauteng, South Africa
2-5 October

Workshop on Internal Dosimetry Of Radionuclides: Occupational, Public And Medical Exposure


This international workshop will foster the exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge in the area of assessing internal exposure. It follows previous meetings on internal dosimetry held in Versailles , France (1988); Elmau , Germany (1991); Bath, UK (1993); Avignon, France (1998) and Oxford, UK (2002), and will supplement the knowledge gained in the NEA-sponsored SILENE dosimetry inter-comparison exercise (2002).


Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), France

Where Montpellier, France
15th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (15PBNC)
  The PBNC series of regional conferences on nuclear energy in the Pacific area, held every other year, represents a significant contribution to regional co-operation and also attracts experts from other parts of the world. Fourteen sessions will address a wide range of issues, from nuclear safety and regulation, promotion of international co-operation on nuclear energy, design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants, ageing, decommissioning, to human resources, environmental protection and health protection.
Organiser Australian Nuclear Association (ANA)
Where Sydney, Australia
22-26 October

TopFuel 2006 – International Meeting On LWR Fuel Performance – “Nuclear Fuel: Addressing the future”


The objective of TopFuel is to offer a platform to LWR fuel professionals to discuss developments and exchange experiences and support professional excellence in the field. Areas covered by TopFuel in 2006 include advances in fuel design and fabrication, advanced fuel cycles, fuel cycle strategies and core management, operational experience, analysis methods and models, transportation, licensing and safety requirements, and reprocessing.


European Nuclear Society (ENS)

Where Salamanca, Spain
24-25 October

3rd International NEA/International Commission on Radiation Protection Forum


As a continuation of the CRPPH work to contribute to the improvement of the international system of radiological protection, the NEA is sponsoring the third forum. This meeting will offer relevant stakeholders, including the NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health itself, the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the ICRP concerning possible implications of the draft ICRP recommendations that are expected to be released for public comment in May 2006.


OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Where Prague, Czech Republic
URL Forthcoming
29 November-
1 December

Workshop on Processes and Tools For Stakeholder Engagement in Radiological Protection


This workshop is the second of a series of three workshops that began in Salamanca, Spain. All three have been designed to share experience in engaging stakeholders in radiological protection. The focus of this workshop will be on sharing views and experience and lessons among relevant stakeholders, such as local elected officials, NGOs and local associations, university professors, RP professionals, etc. This meeting, as well as the other two in this series, is very largely based upon results and experience from the NEA's Villigen workshops, carrying this work forward based on local, practical experience.


Community of Municipalities of the Pays de Montbéliard

Where Montbéliard, France
11-15 December IAEA International Conference on Lessons Learned from Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and the Safe Termination Of Nuclear Activities
  The purpose of the Conference would be to foster information exchange on the safe and orderly termination of practices that involve the use of radioactive substances and to promote improved coherence internationally on strategies and criteria for the safe decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) Asian Technical Centre

Where Athens, Greece


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