Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC)


The Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) facilitates the sharing of experience in addressing the societal dimension of radioactive waste management. It explores means of ensuring an effective dialogue with the public with a view to strengthening confidence in the decision-making processes. The time when exchanges between waste management institutions and civil society were confined to rigid mechanisms is coming to a close. A more complex interaction now involves players at national, regional and local levels. A broader, more realistic view of decision making is taking shape. The FSC contributes to these trends.

10th anniversary of the NEA Forum on Stakeholder Confidence

The FSC celebrated its 10th anniversary in Sept. 2010. The regular meeting and a colloquium entitled “Looking Back, Looking Forward in Stakeholder Engagement” were opened to all interested parties. It was the occasion to take stock of achievements, conduct a multi-stakeholder discussion, and gather guidance on new directions for the FSC. Download all the presentations here to learn about governance, relationship-building among stakeholders, and partnership arrangements in radioactive waste management.

10th Anniversary Colloquium programme and materials

Annual meetings plus national workshops and community visits

The FSC convenes a series of alternating meetings and workshops. The regular meetings include lectures and topical case study sessions to share experience. At each national workshop and community visit, a wide spectrum of stakeholders from the host country express their views on the process by which they are involved in waste management governance.

Surfing the FSC – An Oxford scholar's view of the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence

FSC flyers

Seeking to make its lessons learnt more easily accessible, the FSC offers two-page flyers in various languages. In the case of Japanese, the FSC proposes bilingual English-Japanese versions of the flyers. In the case of English, the flyers can be downloaded in either European A4 format or US letter format.

About the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence A4  US letter  A4  A4  A4  A4  A4   
Decision making for radioactive waste management: Principles, action goals, confidence factors A4  US letter  A4  A4  A4  A4  A4   
Stepwise approach to the long-term management of radioactive waste A4  US letter  A4  A4  A4  A4  A4   
Towards waste management facilities that become a durable and attractive part of the fabric of local community – Relevant design features A4  US letter  A4  A4  A4  A4  A4   
FSC national workshops A4  US letter  A4  A4  A4  A4   
The Partnership approach to Siting and Developing Radioactive Waste Management Facilities A4  US letter  A4    A4    A4   
From Information and Consultation to Citizen Influence and Power A4  US letter  A4    A4    A4   
More than just concrete realities:the symbolic dimension of radioactive waste and its management A4  US letter          A4   
Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes: National Commitment, Local and Regional Involvement A4  US letter      A4       
Stakeholder confidence and transparency in radioactive waste management A4              A4 

Last reviewed: 16 June 2015