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Common material for review groups

Instructions for reviewers on how to deliver material to the NEA

These instructions pertain to the reviewers in the active review groups of the NEA TDB project who wish to deliver material to the NEA for inclusion in the review reports.


Sending review material

There is now a CVS repository for submitting review material to the project. Please see the special instructions available for information about how to use this facility. If you have a working internet connection and can create MS Word 97 compatible files, please use the CVS repository for submitting all types of review material. If not, follow these instructions:

TDB project coordinator
OECD/NEA Data Bank
Le Seine-St. Germain
12, Boulevard des Îles
F-92130 Issy-les-Moulineax

The NEA no longer has the resources to handle contributions sent only on paper except in emergency cases.


In the TDB open CVS Repository, there is a subdirectory "Word_templates". This subdirectory contains two files: and If you replace your current local with the one in the CVS repository, and install in the directory where MS Word looks for templates for new documents, you can use when you create new TDB review documents; these will then have approximately the right look and feel for TDB reviews in terms of heading styles etc.

For included formulae (chemical and mathematical) in MS Word files, the TDB project currently uses a third-party program called "MathType", which can be ordered at the MathType web site. This program works smoothly with MS Word, effectively replacing the Equation Editor, and makes it easy to export formulae to LaTeX format for the final manuscript. In order to install MathType, you should make sure you have Microsoft SR-1 or SR-2 installed for your MS Word 97 program. These "Service Releases" are available from the Microsoft web site, and correct some bugs in the original release of Word 97. The instructions that come with the MathType program will tell you more about how to install SR-1 and SR-2.

Figures and graphics

Citing publications

Experience shows, that it is best to provide complete information on a publication at once, and not give preliminary information first and wait until later before sending complete information and/or copies. Many problems can be solved by avoiding secondary references and obtaining a copy of the primary source at once (see below).

The NEA is ready to help with obtaining difficult-to-find publications. If a serial translation is used, such as the cover-to-cover English translations of some Russian journals, please quote and send the English translation actually used, rather than the Russian original you haven't read.


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