Installing LaTeX on Windows 95/98/NT

The free LaTeX distribution for Win32 systems currently used by the TDB project is called MiKTeX.

Probably the easiest way to download MikTeX is to go to the MikTeX project page.

The MikTeX files can be also be downloaded directly from /tex-archive/systems/win32/miktex/ on any CTAN site, although this requires some skill in navigating the CTAN site. For those interested in differences to earlier versions, bug-fixes etc., the information found at the CTAN site is a good place to look (here's a link (DAnTE in Germany) to the info for the latest version at the time of writing).

To install the MikTeX distribution, follow the instructions given on the MikTeX project page. The easiest way is to first download the big (some 20 MB) combination file that contains all the necessary material. This file is currently provided compressed in a WinZip compatible file, which has to be uncompressed and unpacked. When this is done (do this in a separate subdirectory; lots of files will be created when you unpack the distribution), one of the files created will be an installation wizard with the filename setupwiz.exe. Run this program, which will lead you through the installation. NOTE: On Windows NT systems, it may be necessary to run setupwiz.exe logged in as Administrator. There are links to detailed setup instructions on the documentation pages of the MikTeX project page. Reading this information before installing is highly recommended.

The TDB project uses two local MikTeX TeX/LaTeX source trees. Both are on the Samba server, and should be mounted as

 O:\texmf (\\\NTshare)
 G:\texmf (\\\tdbshare)

respectively. When you install MikTeX, tell it to use O:\texmf as its texroot location, and G:\texmf as its local texroot. The "local" texroot is used for files that should not be destroyed when a new MikTeX version is installed, and is hence the best place for the Y&Y fonts, which are not part of the standard MikTeX distribution.

Last reviewed: 27 May 2011