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Installing and using LaTeX within the TDB project


General information about TeX and LaTeX

The U. S. Tex Users Group (TUG) site contains a lot of useful information about TeX and LaTeX, as well as links to other interesting sites.

Finding LaTeX distributions

All freely available TeX and LaTeX files can be found online in standardised file hierarchies that are part of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). All CTAN sites contain all files necessary to set up LaTeX on any system for which it is freely available. There are three "backbone" CTAN sites, and many mirrors. Some useful starting points are:

Finding a particular LaTeX package

If you are looking for a particular LaTeX "package" (see below), you may wish to consult the TeX online catalogue, which can help you search the CTAN sites for a particular package.

Installing LaTeX

Normally, LaTeX is run under Windows NT at the OECD/NEA in the TDB project, but LaTeX also runs perfectly fine under Unix (in fact, the Unix version existed for quite some time before a really good freeware port was available for Windows) and several other systems (such as VMS). We will deal only with Unix and Windows 95/98/NT ("Win32" in the following text) here, and will do so separately for each system.

Installing a LaTeX package

After installing LaTeX on your machine, you can install all the extra LaTeX packages necessary by doing the following. To get the documentation for a modern (.dtx) package, either check out any separate doc files that come with the package, or, at the DOS (or Unix) prompt, run latex on the .dtx file, e. g.

latex tdb.dtx

This will produce a DVI file which you can view with your favourite DVI viewer (e. g. YAP for MikTeX), or make a PostScript file from with dvips (e. g. "dvips -o tdb" at the DOS or Unix prompt) and print.

External LaTeX packages used in the TDB project

The TDB project uses the following external LaTeX packages, most of which can be found at the various CTAN sites as indicated in a separate section. Many (most) of them are loaded indirectly by the special TDB LaTeX packages. For a few packages, there are special modified TDB versions, which can be found in the TDB open CVS repository.

Books about LaTeX

There is a number of books available about TeX and LaTeX, the most important of which are the following:

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