List of Computer Programs relative to

Statistical Tools, Uncertainty Analysis, Probabilistic Distribution Functions for Probabilistic Assessment

available from the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Status: 15 December 2003

Abstract Name  D e s c r i p t i o n
nea-0978  BLOOM principal component analysis and correspondence analysis
uscd1151  BWIP-RANDOM-SAMPLING probability distributions for waste management
ests0763  DENDRO cluster analysis of experimental data with tree plot
nesc0624  GRAPH data processing - statistical analysis - correlations- graphics
psr-0231  GRESS-3 FORTRAN pre-compiler with differentiation enhancement for sensitivity analysis
nesc1085  LHS multivariate sample generation by Latin hyper-cube sampling
iaea1260  LPTAU quasi Monte Carlo sampling method
psr-0275  ORMONTE uncertainty analysis for user developed system models
nesc1057  PCC/SRC PCC & SRC calculation for multivariate input sensitivity analysis
nea-1173  PREP SPOP random sampling - uncertainty & sensitivity analysis waste management
nea-0939  RANDOM random number generator with large cycle length
nesc0843  RANDOM NUMBERS random numbers generated from gas ionization chamber data
nesc9967  RECOG-ORNL Pattern Recognition Data Analysis
nesc0879  SAMPLE mean - standard deviation - probability of given function by M-C
nesc1002  SCREEN statistical sensitivity ranking of program input variables
nesc9438  SENSIT MUSIG COMSEN Neyer procedure for sensitivity test analysis
nesc0764  SOERP statistics and 2nd order error propagation for functions of random variables
nea-0986  STATCAT statistical analysis of parametric and  non-parametric data
nea-0908  STATISTICS program system for statistical analysis
nea-1628 SUSD-3D SUSD3D, 1-, 2-, 3-Dimensional Cross Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Code 
nesc1084  TEMAC top event sensitivity analysis
nesc1019  TOP-DRAWER histograms - scatter-plots - curve-smoothing