Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA'2000)

This conference, sponsored by JAERI, was held from 4-7 September 2000 in Tokyo. Only a small number of papers concerned Monte Carlo applied to classical reactor and radiation physics problems. These covered coupled neutron-gamma, electron-photon transport and presentation of a few parallelised codes and their performance. This indicates that parallel computing in MC codes is well established and used and does not present major problems for standard applications. Several MC applications on the dispersion of pollutants (or radioactive substances) in the wind-field of the atmosphere were presented - an example how deterministic and stochastic methods can work together. Other papers concerned simulation of track structure of low energy charged particles, molecular dynamics for among others simulating dislocation and defects generation through irradiation; this could be achieved using high performance computing for up to 1 million atoms. The issue of parallel random numbers was revisited. High performance computing research is today devoted more to deterministic methodologies and integration of models into large and comprehensive simulation systems.