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No. 30, September 2006

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The most recently acquired or tested computer codes and data libraries are:

Identification Name Description
IAEA1379 PREPRO2004 Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format) (Tested)
IAEA1380 ACTIVATE2004 Activation Cross Section by Combining Cross Section and Multiplier (ENDF Fomat) (Tested)
IAEA1321 COMPLOT2004 Compare ENDF/B Plots of Reaction Data (Tested)
IAEA1307 CONVERT2004 FORTRAN Program Converter for Different Computers (Tested)
IAEA1308 DICTIN2004 Reaction Index Generated for ENDF Format (Tested)
IAEA1322 EVALPLOT2004 ENDF Plots Cross Section, Angular Distribution and Energy Distribution (Tested)
IAEA1309 FIXUP2004 ENDF Format Redundant Cross-Sections Check (Tested)
IAEA0849 GROUPIE2004 Bondarenko Self-Shielded Cross Sections from ENDF/B (Tested)
IAEA1310 LEGEND2004 Angular Distribution Table Calculations in ENDF Format (Tested)
IAEA1311 LINEAR2004 Linear-Linear Interpolation of ENDF Format Cross-Sections (Tested)
IAEA1312 MERGER2004 Merges ENDF/B Data by Material Number or Identifier (Tested)
IAEA1313 MIXER2004 Cross Sections Calculations for a Composite Mixture of ENDF Format Material (Tested)
IAEA0848 RECENT2004 Reconstruction of Cross Sections Data from Resonance Parameters (Tested)
IAEA1314 RELABEL2004 Labels FORTRAN Statements in ENDF Format Processing Programs (Tested)
IAEA0854 SIGMA1-2004 Doppler Broadening ENDF Format Linear-Linear. Interpolated Point Cross Section (Tested)
IAEA1283 SIXPAK2004 ENDF Format Double Differential Cross Section Converter to Single Differential Format (Tested)
IAEA0932 VIRGIN2004 Calculates Uncollided Neutron Flux and Neutron Reactions from Transmission in ENDF Format (Tested)
IAEA1420 ZZ-ADS-LIB/V1.0 A test library for Accelerator Driven Systems (New)
IAEA1408 WLUP3.0 69 and 172 Group Cross Section Libraries for WIMS (New version)
NEA-1424 ZZ-FSXLIBJ33 MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.3 (Updated version)
NEA-1693 ZZ-V1000CT1&2 VVER-1000 Main Coolant Pump (MCP) Switching On Benchmark (New version)
NEA-1745 ZZ-ALEPH-LIB-JEFF3.1 MCNP Neutron Cross Section Library based on JEFF3.1 (New)
IAEA1398 ZZ-BOREHOLE-EB6.8-MG Multi group cross-section library for deterministic and Monte Carlo codes (New)
NEA-1486 ICSBEP-2006 International Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiment Handbook (New)
NEA-1552 SINBAD-CERF-BSS Response of a Bonner Sphere Spectrometer to charged hadrons measured at CERF facility (2003) (New)
NEA-1552 SINBAD-KENS-P500MeV Shielding Experiment using 4m Concrete at KEK Spallation Neutron Source Facility (KENS) (2002-2004) (New)
NEA-1676 ERRORJ-2.2.1 Multigroup covariance matrices generation from ENDF-6 format (Tested)
IAEA1416 SIGACE Code for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted files (Tested)
NEA-1678 BOT3P5.1 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results (New version)
NEA-1080 FEMAXI-6 Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
RODBURN, Power Profiles and Isotopics in PWR, BWR Fuel Rods (Tested)
CCC-0601 GENII-LIN-2.0 Multipurpose Health Physics Code (New version)

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