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Computer Program Service (CPS) E-Newsletter

No. 9, July 2002 

Computer Program Service of the OECD/NEA Data Bank Computer Codes

The most recently acquired and / or tested computer codes and data are: 

    NEA-0704 PLUMEX Gamma Doses from Atmospheric Plume 
    CCC-0705 MCNPX 2.3.0 Monte Carlo Code System for Multiparticle and High Energy Applications 
    DLC-0205 MCNPXDATA Neutron, Photon, and Electron Data Libraries for MCNPX
    IAEA-1395 XNWLUP1.1 Graphical user interface to plot WIMS-D library multigroup cross sections
    NEA-1674 ZZ-TH232-UNIBO Th-232 cross section data for MCNP
    DLC-0211 ZZ-UTXS6 MCNP Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1365 K.
    NEA-1674 ZZ-FSXJ32 MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.2
    NEA-1671 DUCT-III Design Code for Duct-Streaming Radiations
    CCC-0547 DANTSYS3.0 1-D 2-D MultiGroup Discrete Ordinate Method Transport 
    NEA-1663 PLUTON Isotope Generation and Depletion in Highly Irradiated LWR Fuel Rods 
    PSR-0085 NAISAP Theory and Use of Gamma-Ray Spectrum Analysis Codes for NaI(Tl) Detectors. 
    CCC-0709 TDTORT Time-Dependent  3-D Discrete Ordinates Neutron Transport Code System with Delayed Neutrons 
    NEA-0842 SRAC Cell Calculation with Burnup Fuel Management for Thermal Reactors 
    DLC-0042 ZZ CLEAR/42B 126 Neutron-Group 36 Gamma-Group Coupled Cross-Section in AMPX & CCCC Format for LMFBR 
    NEA-1652 GEM Monte-Carlo Code for Simulation a Decaying Process of an Excited Nucleus 
    NEA-1653 NMTC/JAM Simulates High Energy Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear-Meson Transport Processes 

Note: All computer code documentation has now been scanned and will be distributed exclusively on the CD-ROM in electronic format with the program package. No paper copies of manuals will be provided as from now. 

For more details see weekly updated list (on Mondays) 

Access to the CPS Web pages has been growing over the recent years. Graphs with trends have been updated recently.

Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation

Compilations and evaluations have been updated concerning the :
  • Shielding Experiments Data Base (SINBAD) at NEADB or RSICC
  • Work is in progress on the International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments Project. See IRPhE.
  • The International Fuel Performance Experiments Database (IFPE)) was recently enriched with new experiments and some evaluations of the experiments were revised. 

Training Courses & Tutorials: 

     Recently completed Workshops / Courses
  • Workshop on Computing Radiation Dosimetry (CRD-2002) with embedded training course on MCNPX - Monte Carlo Code System for Multiparticle & High Energy Applications, was held at the Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear (ITN), Sacavem, Lisbon, Portugal 22-28 June 2002.
The MCNPX specific training was held from 24-28 June. The Workshop proceedings will be printed in the autumn 2002. More details are provided in the CRD-2002 Web page

For 2002 the following training courses/workshops are planned: 

  • MCNP - Introductory Course including MCNP5 Features, from 9-13 September 2002 at the University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • SCALE Physor 2002 Workshop in Korea 14-18 October 2002, hosted by KAERI 
  • MCNPX Training course (November 2002 at SCK-CEN, Mol, Belgium)
  • PENELOPE (electron-photon transport) workshop with tutorial, (end 2002/ early 2003, at NEA in Paris) (see previous  workshop report)
  • AMPX-2000 Cross-Section Processing System (summer, autumn 2002), Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. (proposed programme)
    • Tutorials on deterministic radiation (DT) transport codes (tentatively early 2003). The intention is to present also recently developed tools for modelling 3D problems, including in particular automated mesh generation, (X-Y-Z), (R-THETA-Z) and the visualisation of the corresponding results to facilitate interpretation and for improved documentation.  Presentation and discussion of methods and ideas for ensuring that the same models are used in MC and DT for benchmarking; development of compatible and common mesh generation and visualisation tools for MC and DT; Methods for 3D Sensitivity Analysis / Uncertainty Analysis should also be demonstrated. The Data Bank Executive Group has strongly recommended the development of such tools. If you are interested in participating, please fill in the form.

    The proposed courses, tutorials etc. will be held depending on user interest and participation.

    Meetings Sponsored by the Nuclear Science Committee

    Meetings scheduled for the next two years and of interest to clients of the Computer Program Service 

    News from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) 

    The latest issue of the NEA online bulletin. 

    Staff change

    Joanna McGrath has taken up a new job at the OECD. From now on, she is replaced by Catherine Rocher. Please submit your program request directly to her at rocher@oecd-nea.org