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No. 31, December 2006

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The most recently acquired or tested computer codes and data libraries are:

Identification Name Description
Fission neutron propagation in light water source diameter 60 cm (New)
Fission neutron propagation in iron and graphite source diameter 60 cm (New)
Pointwise, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Sections and Probability Tables from ENDF/B Evaluations (New)
OECD/NEA PBMR Coupled Neutronics/Thermal Hydraulics Transient Benchmark - The PBMR-400 Core Design (Updated edition)
ZZ-CLES Cross section library of moderator materials for low-energy neutron sources (New)
IFPE/IFA-597-MOX Hollow and solid MOX rods experiments (New)
IFPE/HATAC Fission Gas Release at High Burn-up, Effect of a Power Cycling (Updated edition)
ZZ FSXLIBJ33 MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.3 (Updated edition)
SACALC_CYL Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a volume (New)
BULK_C-12 Neutron and photon effective dose rates from medium energy protons
or carbon ions through concrete or concrete/iron (New)

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Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation:

The home page for Compilations and Evaluations has been updated concerning:

Workshops, training courses & tutorials planned for 2007:

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Further announcements for possible courses on SCALE5, TRIPOLI-4 and others will be made later. Future courses, tutorials etc. will be held depending on user interest and participation.

Courses / Workshops held in 2006

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Contact: Tom Sutton

Nuclear Data News

The JEFF-3.1 Nuclear Data Library is the latest version of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion Library issued by the Data Bank.

The complete JEFF-3.1 Library suite contains:

The documentation "The JEFF-3.1 Nuclear Data Library", JEFF Report 21, Data Bank, 2006, ISBN 92-64-02314-3, 130 pages was published recently. A limited number of hard copies are available. The corresponding Web page provides further information on the content of the document and the procedure to download the full report.  A CD-ROM with the complete library can also be requested free of charge at the project Web page.

Three ACE format (Monte Carlo) data libraries based on JEFF-3.1 have been released in recent months (see complete list of ACE libraries). Not all contain processed data for all nuclides and materials. Other libraries, based on JEFF-3.1 for deterministic codes are in preparation and will be released during 2007.

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