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No. 16, December 2003

Computer Program Service of the OECD/NEA Data Bank
  1. New computer codes & related information
  2. Integral Experiments
  3. Workshops, Training Courses & Tutorials, Meetings

The most recently acquired or tested computer codes and data libraries are:

Identification Name Description
IRPHE/B&W-SS-LATTICE, Spectral Shift Reactor Lattice Experiments (Revised Edition)
Reactor Physics Experiments carried out in Japan (New)
IRPHE-SNEAK, KFK SNEAK Fast Reactor Experiments, Primary Documentation (Revised Edition)
Reactor Physics Experiments from Fast-Thermal Coupled Facility RRR-SEG, Rossendorf (New)
Reactor Physics Experiments from Fast-Thermal Coupled Facility STEK, Petten (New)
Health Physics and Radiological Safety of Cyclotrons 10-250 MeV (Revised Edition)
NEA-1716/01 TRIPOLI-4.3.2 Coupled Neutron, Photon, Electron, Positron 3-D, Time Dependent Monte-Carlo, Transport Calculation (New)
NEA-1640/07 ZZ-BWRTT BWR Turbine Trip Transient Benchmark Based on Peach-Bottom 2 (Revised Edition)
NEA-1554/05 ZZ-PWR-MSLB PWR Main Steam-Line Break Benchmarks, Coupled Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics (Final Edition)
NEA-1424/04 ZZ-FSXLIBJ33 MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.3 (Tested)
IFPE/CAGR-UOX-SWELL Fuel swelling Data Obtained from the AGR/Halden Ramp Test Programme (New)
NEA-1710/01 IFPE/MT4-MT6A-LOCA Large-break LOCA in-reactor fuel bundle materials tests at NRU (New)
NEA-1707/01 ZZ-MATXSLIBJ33 JENDL-3.3 based,175 N-42 photon groups (VITAMIN-J) MATXS lib. for discrete ordinates multi-group (Tested)
NEA-1699/01 ZZ-VITJEF22.BOLIB JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications (New)
NEA-1693/01 ZZ-V1000CT-1 VVER-1000 Main Coolant Pump (MCP) Switching On Benchmark (New)
NEA-1680/02 PASCAL Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Structural Components in Aging LWR (New)
CCC-0547/08 DANTSYS3.0
1-D, 2-D MultiGroup Discrete Ordinate Method Transport
NEA-1711/01 DORTDAT2 Input-Making Support System for a Two-Dimensional SN Code, DORT (New)
NEA-1517/65 SINBAD BALAKOVO-3 VVER-1000 Ex-vessel Neutron Dosimetry Benchmark (Updated)
NEA-1278/03 CALENDF-2002 Pointwise, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Sections and Probability Tables Production from ENDF/B Evaluations (New)
IAEA1409/01 ZZ-POINT-2003 Linearly Interpolable ENDF/B-VI.8 Data for 8 Temperatures (New)
IAEA1407/01 ZZ-RRDF-98 Cross-sections and covariance matrices for 22 neutron induced dosimetry reactions (New)
ESTS1145/02 PCX Interior-Point Linear Programming Solver (New)
NEA-1561/08 CHEMENGL/CHIMISTE Chemical and Physical Properties of Elements (New)
NEA-1570/01 SITE-94 SITE-94, Biosphere Model for SKI Project on the island of Aspro (Tested)
ESTS1169/01 ARCON96 ARCON96, Radioactive Plume Concentration in Reactor Control Rooms (Tested)

Note : All computer codes with documentation are now distributed exclusively in electronic form either on  CD-ROM or via FTP. No paper copies of manuals are provided.

For more details see weekly updated list (on Mondays)

Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation

Compilations and evaluations have been updated concerning the:
  • The latest status of the International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments Project is given in IRPhE . Here you can download a summary .
  • The International Fuel Performance Experiments Database (IFPE) was recently enriched with new experiments (2 December 2003).
  • The Shielding Benchmark Experiments Database (SINBAD) includes now 33 Reactor Shielding, 21 for Fusion Neutronics Shielding and 5 for Accelerator Shielding Experiments. The October 2003 SINBAD edition contains 10 new experiments.
  • A new Edition of the CCVM (CSNI Code Validation Matrix of Thermo-Hydraulic Codes for LWR LOCA and Transients) is now available .

Workshops, Training Courses & Tutorials completed in 2003:

  • 2nd International Workshop on 'Advanced radiation transport simulation with PENELOPE (electron-photon transport)', held in Salou (Tarragona) from 8-10 January 2003.(Penelope User Group meeting)
  • MCNP5 Intermediate/Advanced Level Training Course, 24-28 March 2003, at the Imperial College, London, England 
  • KENO / SCALE Training Courses 2003, 23-27 June 2003 in Paris France
  • TOUGH Symposium , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), 15-17 May, A symposium on applications and enhancements of  TOUGH (A General-Purpose Numerical Simulator for Multiphase Fluid and Heat Flow) with oral and poster presentations. Proceedings on CD-ROM will be available at the Symposium. 

  • Contact: Stefan Finsterle, George J. Moridis, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Yu-Shu Wu LBL, E-mail: SAFinsterle@lbl.gov
  • PENELOPE-2003 (electron-photon transport) training course / tutorial , (7-10 July 2003, NEA, Paris)
  • QUADOS workshop: Intercomparison on the Usage of Computational Codes in Radiation Dosimetry,    14 - 16 July  2003, Bologna, Italy, organised by: ENEA and University of Bologna, co-sponsored by: EURADOS, OECD/NEA, Contact: Gianfranco Gualdrini  
  • The 2003 Frederic Joliot & Otto Hahn Summer School in Reactor Physics: Modern Reactor Physics and the Modelling of Complex Systems held at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe/Ftu,  Hermann-Von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany from 20 - 29  August 2003
  • MCNP5 Introductory Training Course, 15-19 September 2003 Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) 
  • Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Deterministic Radiation Transport, for Monte Carlo and Hybrid Codes ( 25-26 September 2003) . Participants will receive a copy of the proceedings containing the presentations and a summary on CD-ROM.
  • MCNPX training course, Intermediate Level, 6-10 October 2003, University of Stuttgart , Rechenzentrum , Allmandring 30, D-70550 Stuttgart, Germany 
  • International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA'2003) , 22-24 September 2003, Paris, France 
  • GLOBAL 2003 Conference on future nuclear energy systems and their fuel  cycles, 16-20 November 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Workshops, Training Courses & Tutorials planned for 2004: 

  • For 2004 Training Courses on PENELOPE and TRIPOLI-4 are planned. Announcements for possible courses on MCNP5 , MCNPX , SCALE5 and others will be made later. Future courses, tutorials etc. will be held depending on user interest and participation.

  • Meetings Sponsored by the Nuclear Science Committee & Data Bank

    Meetings scheduled for the next two years and of interest to clients of the Computer Program Service 

    In particular we signal here:

  • Seminar on Pellet-Clad Interaction (PCI) in Water Reactor Fuels , 8-11 March 2004, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Tenth International Conference on Radiation Shielding (ICRS-10) with ANS Topical on Radiation Protection & Shielding (RP&S), 9-14 May 2004, Madeira Island, Portugal

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