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No. 13, April 2003 

Computer Program Service of the OECD/NEA Data Bank


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The most recently acquired computer codes and data are: 
Identification Name Description
NEA-1641 SONATINA Predicts Behaviour of Prismatic HTGR Core under Seismic Excitation (Now tested)
NEA-1685 IFPE/IFA-597.3 centre-line temperature, fission gas release and clad elongation at high burn-up (60-62 MWd/kg) (Revised) 
IAEA1399 ZZ-TH-N-CAPTURE-RI&G Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Sections Resonance Integrals and G-Factors (New) 
IAEA1395 XNWLUP2.0 Graphical user interface to plot WIMS-D library multigroup cross sections (Now tested)
NEA-1687 IRPHE/B&W-SS-LATTICE Spectral Shift Reactor Lattice Experiments (New Edition)
NEA-1648 IFPE/TRANS-RAMP Fuel behaviour data from PWR/BWR TRANS-RAMP I, II, IV experiments (New)
NEA-1553 SINBAD FUSION Neutronics Benchmark Experiments (New Edition)
NEA-1406 TOPICS-B Neutron and Gamma Cross-Sections Library Handling in FIDO Format (Now tested)
USCD1207 PHREEQC Modeling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential (Now tested)

Note: All computer codes with documentation documentation are now distributed exclusively in electronic form either on  CD-ROM or via FTP. No paper copies of manuals are provided. 

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Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation

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