Computer Program Services

Rules for requesters from NEA Data Bank participating countries

If your country is a participant of the NEA Data Bank (see list of NEA Data Bank participating countries).

Staff member of a nominated NEA Data Bank establishment

Please contact the liaison officer in your establishment (see the list of NEA Data Bank nominated establishments for computer program retrievals). Each nominated establishment in the NEA Data Bank has a liaison officer (see note for liaison officers) who is the designated contact between the Data Bank and users of programs within their establishment. All program requests and retrievals are handled by this liaison officer.

Not a staff member of a nominated NEA Data Bank establishment

There is a specific procedure to follow to request nomination. All users of computer programs distributed by the NEA Data Bank must adhere to the restrictions placed on the use of programs (see restrictions). For all queries concerning the nomination procedure please contact Computer Program Services.

Requesters from Japan

Please contact the Nuclear Code Center at the Research Organization for Information Science and Technology.

Last updated: 15 March 2016