Ninth International Conference on Radiation Shielding


This conference was held from 17-22 October 1999 at Tsukuba, Japan and was sponsored and organised by JAERI. A large number of presentations concerned the use of MC in shielding applications. However, it was found that in order to obtain appropriate solutions correctly and efficiently in this field a good knowledge of the method and experience are still required. In shielding, MC methods have now moved beyond a demonstration phase, it is now used widely also in industrial applications.

At the conference the extended capabilities of MC radiation transport codes for shielding applications were presented covering coupled neutron-gamma, electron-photon and hadron problems, both for low and high particle energies. Applications concerned reactor shields and pressure vessel dosimetry, dose-equivalent estimation around fuel shipping packages, fusion blanket neutronics, streaming in ducts and cavities, neutron and gamma skyshine. Accelerator shielding and radiation protection used in basic, technological and medical research including studies on chromosomal aberrations were also covered. Uncertainty analysis of radiation shielding with MC were addressed as well as adjoint detector calculations. One paper overviewed recent activities of MC simulation in Japan (K. Sakurai et al.) and concluded that the following topics need further addressing and research:
  • development of versatile automatic variance reduction methods;
  • error estimation of MC burnup calculations;
  • development of perturbation calculation;
  • development of quasi-random methods for calculations with extremely large numbers of histories;
  • development of user-friendly three-dimensional input interface;
  • speed-up of MC calculation;
  • development of automatic dynamic load balancing for parallel calculation.

In conclusion, the MC method is most valuable for radiation shielding applications and is used very widely.