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Catalog of Programs in Category J

J. Gamma Heating and Shield Design

nea-1839 ACAB-2008, ACtivation ABacus Code
iaea1432 AL-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of aluminum for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
nea-1353 ALBEDO ALBEZ, Gamma and Neutron Attenuation in Air Ducts
psr-0315 AMPX-77, Modular System for Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultiGroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B-5
ccc-0082 ANISN-E, 1-D Transport Program ANISN with Exponential Model
nea-0363 ANISN-FONTENAY, 1-D Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport with Deep Penetration
ccc-0082 ANISN-JR, 1-D Transport Program ANISN with ZZ JSD Data and Flux Plot
ccc-0254 ANISN-ORNL, 1-D Neutron Transport & Gamma Transport in Slab, Cylindrical, Spherical Geometry with Anisotropic Scattering
ccc-0255 ANISN-W, 1-D Transport Calculation for Deep Penetration Problems
ccc-0514 ANISN/PC, MultiGroup 1-D Discrete Ordinates Transport with Anisotropic Scattering
ccc-0126 ASOP, Shield Calculation, 1-D, Discrete Ordinates Transport
nea-0949 BERMUDA, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Neutron and Gamma Transport for Shielding
ccc-0117 BETA-2B, Time-Dependent Bremsstrahlung Transport, Electron Transport by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-0188 BIGGI-4T, Gamma Transport in Multi-Region Shield in Planar or Spherical Geometry
psr-0143 BREESE, Distribution Function for Program MORSE from Albedo Data
nea-0390 BRIGITTE, Dose Rate and Heat Source and Energy Flux for Self-Absorbing Rods
nea-1727 BULK-I, Radiation Shielding Tool for Proton Accelerator Facilities
nea-1771 BULK_C-12, N & photon effective dose rates from medium energy protons or carbon ions through concrete or concrete/iron
iaea1403 C-SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0.5 to 10 MeV by different concretes
nea-1800 CAFDATS, Converter of Angular Fluxes of DORT, ANISN and TORT Systems
psr-0131 CARP, Flux Conversion from Program DOT to Currents for Program BREESE
psr-0131 CARP-82, Currents for Program BREESE-2 from ZZ CAD or DOT-4 Flux
ccc-0024 CARSTEP, Particle Flux on Space Vehicle in Van Allen Zone
nesc0742 CASIM, High Energy Cascades in Shields of Arbitrary Geometry Using Monte-Carlo Method
psr-0262 CASKCODES, Program CAPSIZE Scope KWIKDOSE for Shipping Cask Shielding
ccc-0544 CEPXS ONELD, 1-D Coupled Electron Photon MultiGroup System
ccc-0837 CEPXS, Coupled Electron-Photon Cross Section
ccc-0070 CHARGE-2/C, Flux and Dose Behind Shield from Electron, Proton, Heavy Particle Irradiation
ccc-0726 CNCSN 2009, One, Two- and Three-Dimensional Coupled Neutral and Charged Particle Sn Parallel Multi-Threaded Code System
ccc-0829 COG11.1, Multiparticle Monte Carlo Code System for Shielding and Criticality Use
nea-1126 COLLI-PTB, Neutron Fluence Spectra for 3-D Collimator System by Monte-Carlo
nea-0383 COSANI-2, Gamma Doses from SABINE Calculation, Activity from ANISN Flux Calculation
nea-0247 CYGAS, 3-D Gamma Flux in Axial or Cylindrical Shields from Cylindrical Source
nea-0494 CYLDOS, Dose Rate in Cylindrical Shield from Cylindrical Source
ccc-0366 DASH, Void Tracing Sn and Monte-Carlo Coupling Program with Angular Fluxes from DOT Program
nea-1603 DCHAIN-SP 2001, Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products
ccc-0520 DCTDOS, Neutron and Gamma Penetration in Composite Duct System
nesc0754 DEMONR, Monte-Carlo Shielding Calculation for Neutron Flux and Neutron Spectra, Teaching Program
nea-0667 DIFFAX, Axial Streaming for Hexagonal Lattices in Gas Cooled FBR, Slab Geometry Diffusion
nea-0625 DINE, Neutron Flux, Neutron Dose Rate in Multi-Region Slab Reactor Shield by Removal Diffusion
nea-0391 DLS, 2-D Diffusion with Line-of-Sight Method for Cavities
psr-0155 DOGS, Flux Plots of Radiation Transport Program Using DISSPLA
psr-0064 DOMINO, Coupling of Discrete Ordinate Program DOT with Monte-Carlo Program MORSE
ccc-0650 DOORS, 1-,2-,3-dimensional discrete-ordinates system for deep-penetration neutron and photon transport
ccc-0543 DORT, 1-D 2-D Discrete Ordinate Neutron and Photon Transport with Deep Penetration
ccc-0532 DORT-PC, 2-D Discrete Ordinates Transport System
nea-1711 DORTDAT2, Input-Making Support System for a Two-Dimensional SN Code, DORT
iaea0922 DOSKMF2, Dose Rate Distribution in Co60 Gamma Irradiation Plants
ccc-0276 DOT-3.5, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport Program DOT with New Space-Scaling
ccc-0320 DOT-4.2, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport with Space Dependent Mesh and Quadrature
psr-0251 DSNQUAD, Angular Quadrature Weights and Cosines for ANISN
nea-1671 DUCT-III, Design Code for Duct-Streaming Radiations
ccc-0453 DUST, Albedo Monte-Carlo Simulation of Neutron Streaming in Multilegged Square Concrete Ducts
nea-1813 EASYQAD 2.0, Visualization for Gamma and Neutron Shielding Calculations
nea-0969 EDMULT-6.4, Electron Depth Dose Distribution in Multilayer Slab Absorbers
ccc-0331 EGS4, Electron Photon Shower Simulation by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0119 ELBA, Bremsstrahlung Dose from Isotropic Electron Flux on Plane Al Shield
ccc-0301 ELPHO, Muon, Electron, Positron Generator from Pions by Monte-Carlo with HETC Collision Data
nea-1683 ERANOS 2.3, Modular code and data system for fast reactor neutronics analyses
ccc-0107 ETRAN, Electron Transport and Gamma Transport with Secondary Radiation in Slab by Monte-Carlo
nesc9578 FACET, Radiation View Factor with Shadowing
ccc-0351 FALSTF, Neutron Flux and Gamma Flux Detector Response Outside Cylindrical Shields
iaea1438 FE-SHIELDER, shielding thickness of Iron for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 and 10 MeV
nea-0566 FEM-RZ, 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Transport in R-Z Geometry, Eigenvalue and Fixed Source Problems
nea-1833 FLUKA2011.2c.3, Monte Carlo general purpose tool for calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter
nea-0596 FOCUS, Neutron Transport System for Complex Geometry Reactor Core and Shielding Problems by Monte-Carlo
iaea1388 FOTELP-2014, Photons, Electrons and Positrons Transport in 3D by Monte Carlo Techniques
nea-1846 FSKY4C, Gamma Ray Skyshine Analysis Code
ccc-0494 G33-GP, Multigroup Gamma Scattering Using Geometric Progression Buildup Factors
nea-1175 GAMFIL, Photon Production Cross-Sections in ENDF/B Format
ccc-0042 GAMLEG-JR, MultiGroup Gamma Cross-Sections, Energy Absorption Coefficient Generator for Transport Calculation
nea-0268 GAMMONE, Multi-Region Shield Gamma Penetration from Various Geometries Source by Monte-Carlo
nea-0584 GFX/GAMP1, Above-Ground Radiation Field from Terrestrial K, U, Th Gamma Emitters
nesc0045 GRACE GRACE-1, MultiGroup Multi-Region Gamma Attenuation Gamma Dose in Slab Geometry
nesc0046 GRACE-2, MultiGroup Multi-Region Gamma Attenuation Gamma Dose in Cylindrical or Spherical Geometry
nea-1690 GRTUNCL-3D/R-THETA-Z, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux in an R-theta-Z grid
ccc-0721 GRTUNCL3D, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux (X, Y, Z)
ccc-0276 GRUNCLE, 1st Collision Source Calculation for Program DOT
ccc-0697 GUI2QAD, Graphical Interface for QAD-CGPIC, Point Kernel for Shielding Calculations
nea-1265 HERMES-KFA, High-Energy Radiation Transport by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0651 ICOM, Ion Radiation Transport Calculation for Shielding and Dosimetry
ccc-0636 ISO-PC, X-Ray, Gamma-Bremsstrahlung Dose-Rates
ccc-0079 ISOSHLD, Decay Gamma Dose, Bremsstrahlung Dose Behind Shield, Fission Products Source Strength
ccc-0467 ITS, TIGER System of Coupled Electron Photon Transport by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0696 LAHET 2.8, Code System for High Energy Particle Transport Calculations
psr-0020 LAPHAN0, P0 Gamma Production Matrices from ENDF/B
nea-0124 LGH, Gamma Streaming and Neutron Streaming for Duct
ccc-0064 LPSC, Protons and Neutron Flux, Spectra Behind Slab Shield from Protons Irradiation
nea-1306 LSHINSE, Air Scattering Neutron and Gamma Doserates for Complex Shielding Geometry
ccc-0220 LUIN-II, Cosmic Ray Cascade Generator and Particle Fluxes
nea-1047 MANYCASK, Radiation Dose Rate Around Many Casks
nea-1307 MARMER, Point-Kernel Shielding Calculation with Nuclide Concentrations from ORIGEN-S
nea-1643 MCB1C, Monte-Carlo Continuous Energy Burnup Code
nea-1733 MCNP4B-GN, Monte Carlo Code System for (gamma,n) production and transport in high-Z materials
ests1678 MCSLTT, Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Transport in Tissue
nea-1166 MCVIEW, 3-D Radiation View Factor by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-0351 MERCURE, 3-D Gamma Heating and Gamma Dose Rate and Fast Flux by Monte-Carlo
nea-0194 MERCURE-3, Gamma Attenuation by Line-of-Flight in 3-D Heterogeneous Geometry
nea-1747 MONTE-CARLO-WS-2005, Proceedings of Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations & TRIPOLI-IV Workshops 2005
ccc-0127 MORSE, MultiGroup Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport for Complex Geometry Shields by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0431 MORSE-C, Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport for Criticality Calculation by Monte-Carlo Method
ccc-0474 MORSE-CGA, Monte-Carlo Neutron and Gamma MultiGroup Transport with Array Geometry
nea-1181 MORSE-DD, Monte-Carlo Neutron Transport with Combinatorial Geometry Using DDL Cross-Sections Library
ccc-0127 MORSE-E, Program MORSE with Uniform Source for Various Geometry
ccc-0588 MORSE-EMP, Monte-Carlo Neutron and Gamma MultiGroup Transport with Array Geometry, for PC
nea-1673 MVP/GMVP II, MC Codes for Neutron & Photon Transport Calc. based on Continuous Energy and Multigroup Methods
ccc-0164 NAC, Neutron Activation Analysis and Isotope Inventory
ccc-0462 NCRP49, X-Ray Shielding for Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Diagnostic Units
nea-0125 NRN, Removal-Diffusion for Squares and Cylindrical Geometry with Energy Transfer Matrix
ccc-0046 OGRE, Monte-Carlo System for Gamma Transport Problems
psr-0275 ORMONTE, Uncertainty Analysis for User-Developed System Models
nea-1008 PALLAS-1D(VII), Direct Integration of Transport Equation in 1-D Planar and Spherical Geometry
nea-0702 PALLAS-2DY, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport with Anisotropic Scattering for Fixed Source
ccc-0760 PARTISN 5.97, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Time-Dependent, Multigroup Deterministic Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code
nea-1238 PASC-1, Petten AMPX-II/SCALE-3 Code System for Reactor Neutronics Calculation
iaea0855 PELSHIE, Dose Rates from Gamma Source by Point-Kernel Integration
nea-1525 PENELOPE2014, A Code System for Monte-Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport
nea-1886 PENGEOM, tools for handling complex quadric geometries in Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transport
nea-1339 PEPIN, Methodology for Computing Concentrations, Activities, Gamma-Ray Spectra, and Residual Heat from Fission Products.
nea-1857 PHITS-2.88, Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System
ccc-0160 PICA, Photon-Induced Medium-Range Nuclear Cascade Analysis by Monte-Carlo
psr-0238 PICTURE, 2-D Slices Through 3-D CG of MORSE, QAD-CG
nea-0416 PIPE, 1-D Gamma Transport for Slab, Spherical Shields with Compton Scattering Calculation
iaea1172 PKI, Gamma Radiation Reactor Shielding Calculation by Point-Kernel Method
ccc-0381 PLACID, Gamma Streaming in Cylindrical Duct Shields by Monte-Carlo
iaea0905 PRESTO, Slab Shields for Time-Dependent Gamma Spectra
ccc-0618 PTRAN, Proton Transport for 50 to 250 MeV by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0595 PUTZ, Point-Kernel 3-D Gamma Shielding
nea-1679 PVIS-4, Pressure vessel irradiation, source preparation
ccc-0493 QAD-CGGP, Fast Neutron and Gamma Penetration in Shields with Combinatorial Geometry
ccc-0645 QAD-CGGP-A, Fast Neutron, Gamma Penetration in Shields with Combinatorial Geometry
ccc-0396 QADMOD-G, Point-Kernel Gamma-Ray Shielding Program
ccc-0617 QBF, Radiation Dose Distribution Around Spent Fuel Shipping Casks
nea-0467 RADHEAT, Transport, Heat Generator, Radiation Damage Cross-Sections in Reactor and Shield
ccc-0083 RAID, Gamma, Neutron Scattering into Cylindrical or Multibend Duct
nea-0519 REDIFFUSION, 1-D Neutron Removal-Diffusion and Gamma Point-Kernel Calculation for Shielding
psr-0482 REMIT5.1, Radiation exposure monitoring and information transmittal system
nea-0598 RSYST, Modular System for Reactor Core and Shielding Problems
nea-0402 SABINE-3, Neutron Penetration and Gamma Penetration in Reactor Shield for Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
nea-1884 SACALC-ELLIPSOID, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a ellipsoid solid or surface
nea-1688 SACALC3, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a volume
ccc-0187 SAM-CE, Time-Dependent 3-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport in Complex Geometry by Monte-Carlo
iaea0837 SAMSY, Neutron and Gamma Dose Rates and Heat Source for Multilayer Shields
ccc-0361 SANDYL, 3-D Time-Dependent and Space-Dependent Gamma Electron Cascade Transport by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0834 SCALE 6.2.2, A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
ccc-0418 SCAP-82, Single Scattering, Albedo Scattering, Point-Kernel Analysis in Complex Geometry
psr-0210 SCOPE, Shipping Cask Optimization and Parametric Evaluation
nea-0407 SCORE-4, 2-D Removal Diffusion in X-Y or R-Z Geometry for Rectangular Shields
ccc-0729 SERA-1C1, Simulation environment for radiotherapy applications
iaea0841 SFAK, Unscattered Gamma Self-Absorption from Regular Fuel Rod Assemblies
nea-1239 SFERXS, Photoabsorption, Coherent, Incoherent Scattering Cross-Sections Function for Shielding
iaea1287 SHIELD, Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating Interaction of High Energy Hadrons with Complex Macroscopic Targets
iaea1391 SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0-5 to 10 MeV
ccc-0379 SHIELDOSE, Doses from Electron and Proton Irradiation in Space Vehicle Al Shields
nea-0466 SHREDI, Neutron Flux and Neutron Activation in 2-D Shields by Removal Diffusion
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
nea-1046 SMART, Radiation Dose Rates on Cask Surface
ccc-0120 SPACETRAN, Radiation Leakage from Cylinder with ANISN Flux Calculation
ccc-0228 SPAR, High-Energy Muon, Pion, Heavy Ion Stopping-Powers and Ranges
ccc-0148 SPARES, Program System for Space Radiation Environment and Shielding System Evaluation
nea-0468 SPARK, Time-Dependent 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Diffusion with Heat Transfer and Feedback
psr-0263 SPECTER-ANL, Neutron Damage for Material Irradiation
ccc-0460 SPOT1, Gamma-Ray Dose Rate from Cylindrical Source Volume
nea-0919 SRIM-2008, Stopping Power and Range of Ions in Matter
iaea1382 SRNA-2K5, Proton Transport Using 3-D by Monte Carlo Techniques
psr-0330 STARCODES, Stopping Power and Ranges for Electrons, Protons, He
iaea0970 STOPOW, Stopping Power of Fast Ions in Matter
ccc-0067 STORM, Radiation Hazard of Solar Flares for Space Vehicles
psr-0282 SUPERDAN-PC, Dancoff Factor for Spherical, Cylindrical, Slab Geometry
iaea1437 SUPERMC, Super Monte Carlo simulation program for nuclear and radiation process
ccc-0248 SWAN-PPL, Fusion Reactor 1-D Particle Transport Optimization
ccc-0638 TART2016, 3D Coupled Neutron-Photon Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent, Monte Carlo Transport Code
nea-0619 TIMOC-ESP, Time-Dependent Response Function by Monte-Carlo with Interface to Program TIMOC-72
ccc-0759 TITAN 1.29, A Three-Dimensional Deterministic Radiation Transport Code System
ccc-0543 TORT, 2-D 3-D Discrete Ordinate Neutron and Photon Transport with Deep Penetration
nea-0668 TRD-3, In-Core and Out-Core Neutron Flux, Gamma Flux by 2-D Removal Diffusion in Cylindrical Geometry
iaea0833 TREEDE, Point Fluxes and Currents Based on Track Rotation Estimator by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-1716 TRIPOLI-4 version 8.1, 3D general purpose continuous energy Monte Carlo Transport code
nea-1878 TRIPOLI-4 version 9S, Coupled Neutron, Photon, Electron, Positron 3-D, Time Dependent Monte-Carlo Transport Calculation
ccc-0537 TRIPOS, Monte Carlo Ion Transport Analysis Code
nea-1086 TRISTAN, 3-D fixed source radiation transport
ccc-0547 TWODANT-SYS, DANTSYS3.0, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D MultiGroup Discrete Ordinate Method Transport
ccc-0195 TWOTRAN-GG-FC, General Geometry 2-D Transport with 1st Collision Source Calculation
ccc-0195 TWOTRAN-GG-VW, General Geometry 2-D Transport, Variable-Weight Diamond Difference
iaea1434 U-SHIELDER, Estimates Shielding Thickness of Depleted Uranium for Photons from 0.5 to 10 MeV
psr-0281 URR, Cross-Sections, Selfshielding for Fertile and Fissile Isotopes in Unresolved Region
ccc-0262 VCS, Radiation Protection Factors in Vehicles by Monte-Carlo
nea-1856 VESTA 2.1.5, Monte Carlo depletion interface code and AURORA 1.0.0, Depletion analysis tool
ccc-0754 VIM 5.1, Steady-State 3-D Neutron Transport Using ENDF/B or Multigroup Cross Sections
iaea1417 W-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of water for photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
ccc-0525 XRAY-AAC, X-Ray Attenuation and Absorption
nea-1251 ZYLIND, Gamma Penetration for Cylindrical Source and Shield Geometry
dlc-0049 ZZ AIRFEWG, Gamma, Neutron Transport Calculation in Air Using FEWG1 Cross-Section
nea-0886 ZZ AMPX-2/123, 123-Group Neutron Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B-4 by AMPX-2
nea-0886 ZZ AMPX-2/219, 219-Group Neutron Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B-4 by AMPX-2
dlc-0027 ZZ AMPX01/27C, Coupled Neutron-Gamma Group Constant Library by AMPX for Transport Calculation
dlc-0129 ZZ ANS643, Geometric Progression Gamma-Ray Buildup Factor Coefficient Library
nea-0673 ZZ BABEL, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Section Data Library for Fast Reactor Shield Calculation
iaea1237 ZZ BARC-75, Coupled 50 Neutron-Group 25 Gamma-Group Cross-Section Library for 42 Nuclides
dlc-0008 ZZ BP-3, 104-Group Neutron Cross-Section Library for Transport Calculation
dlc-0008 ZZ BP-6, 104 Group Neutron and Gamma-Ray Multigroup Cross-Section Library for Transport Calculation
iaea0949 ZZ BROND, Evaluated Neutron Data Library in ENDF-6 Format
nea-1872 ZZ BUGENDF70.BOLIB, ENDF/B-VII.0 Broad-Group Coupled X Sect. Lib. for LWR Shielding & Pressure Vessel Dosimetry Applic.
nea-1866 ZZ BUGJEFF311.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1.1 Broad-Group Coupled X Sect Lib. for LWR Shielding & Pressure Vessel Dosimetry Applic.
dlc-0185 ZZ BUGLE-96, Multigroup Coupled Neutron Gamma Cross-Section for LWR Shielding Calculation
dlc-0059 ZZ CAD, 51 Neutron-Group, 25 Gamma-Group Albedo Data for 4 Materials from DOT Flux
dlc-0130 ZZ DABL69, 46-Group Neutron, 23-Group Gamma Cross-Section in ANISN Format from ENDF/B-V
nea-0791 ZZ DAMSIG84, 640-Group Damage Cross-Section Library for SAND-2 Calculation
nea-1538 ZZ DECNET-GENDF, Fusion Damage Library of 175 Neutron and 42 Photon VITAMIN-J Groups
dlc-0012 ZZ DLC-12D POPLIB, Secondary Gamma Yields and Cross-Section Library for POPOP-4 Calculation
dlc-0013 ZZ DLC-13B, Resonance Cross-Section Group Constant Library for Tungsten and Depleted Pu
dlc-0015 ZZ DLC-15 STORM-ISRAEL, Gamma Interaction Cross-Section Library in ENDF/B Format for Transport
dlc-0021 ZZ DLC-21, X-Ray Attenuation Cross-Section Library from 0.1 KeV to 1 MeV
dlc-0023 ZZ DLC-23F CASK, 40-Group Neutron and Gamma Coupled Cross-Section for PWR Shipping Casks
dlc-0031 ZZ DLC-31, 37 Neutron-Group, 21 Gamma-Group Coupled Group Constants Library from ENDF/B
dlc-0103 ZZ ENDL86, Evaluated Charged Particle, Neutron, Photon Cross-Section Library
nea-0794 ZZ EURLIB, Coupled Neutron Gamma Multigroup Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B for Shielding Calculations
dlc-0085 ZZ FCXSEC, Coupled Cross-Section Library for Shielding from VITAMIN-C in AMPX, ANISN Format
iaea0964 ZZ FGXRRS, 10 Neutron-Group, 7 Gamma-Group Self-Shielded Cross-Section in ANISN Format
nea-1544 ZZ GEFF-2-MATXS, Coupled Neutron-Gamma Fusion Neutronics Library in MATXS Format
nea-1102 ZZ GEFF1, 175-Group Neutron Cross-Section in VITAMIN-J1 Format for Shielding Benchmarks
dlc-0220 ZZ HILO2K, Coupled 83 Neutron, 22 Photon Group Cross Sections for Neutron Energies Up to 2 GeV for ANISN, DORT and TORT
dlc-0119 ZZ HILO86, 66 Neutron, 22 Gamma Group Cross-Section Library for ANISN, DORT, MORSE
dlc-0187 ZZ HILO86R, 66 Neutron, 22 Gamma Group Cross-Section for 400 MeV Neutron, 20 MeV Gamma
dlc-0007 ZZ HPICE/F, Gamma Interaction Cross-Section Library in ENDF/B Format for Transport Calculation
dlc-0099 ZZ HUGO, Photon Interaction Data Library in ENDF-5 Format
dlc-0160 ZZ KAOS/LIB-V, Kerma Factors, Nuclear Response Function Library for Fission, Fusion
iaea0870 ZZ L26P3S34, 26-Group Constants Library of 34 Materials for Neutron Shielding Calculations
dlc-0128 ZZ LAHIMACK, Multigroup Neutron and Gamma Cross-Section and Response Function up to 800 MeV
dlc-0029 ZZ MACKLIB, Nuclear Response Function Library for CTR and Hybrid Fission Fusion System Materials
dlc-0060 ZZ MACKLIB-4, 171-Neutron, 36-Gamma Group Response Function Library from ENDF/B-IV
nea-1740 ZZ MATJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1847 ZZ MATJEFF31.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled(199n + 42gamma) X-Section MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1205 ZZ MATX175/42-JEFF87, 172 Neutron-Group, 42 Gamma-Group MATXS Library in VITAMIN-J Structure
dlc-0176 ZZ MATXS10, 30-Group Neutron, 12-Group Gamma Cross-Sections in MATXS Format from ENDF/B-VI
dlc-0200 ZZ MCNPDATA, ZZ-MCB-DLC200, Standard Neutron, Photon and Electron Data Libraries for MCNP-4C and MCB1C
dlc-0033 ZZ MONTAGE-400, Neutron Activation 100-Group Cross-Section Library of Fusion Reactor Materials
iaea1217 ZZ N-SPECT/DET-RESP, Neutron Spectra and Detector Responses for Radiation Protection
dlc-0172 ZZ NUCDECAY, Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculation for ICRP and MIRD
dlc-0136 ZZ PHOTX, Photon Interaction Cross-Section Library for 100 Elements
dlc-0126 ZZ PVE, 38-Group P8 Photon Cross-Section Library for Gamma Radiation Transport
nea-1545 ZZ RFL-2-DTF, Group Constant Library of Reaction Cross-Section, Gas Production, KERMA, DPA
dlc-0057 ZZ SAIL, Albedo Scattering Data Library for 3-D Monte-Carlo Radiation Transport in LWR Pressure Vessel
dlc-0045 ZZ SENPRO/45C, Multigroup Sensitivity Library for Fast Reactors, Thermal Reactors
dlc-0139 ZZ SIGMA-A, Photon Interaction and Absorption Cross-Section Library
dlc-0256 ZZ VIP-MAN, Computational Phantom
dlc-0184 ZZ VITAMIN-B6, Fine-Group Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B-VI.3 for Radiation Transport
dlc-0113 ZZ VITAMIN-E, 174-Group Neutron, 38-Group Gamma Cross-Section in AMPX Format
dlc-0245 ZZ VITAMINB7/BUGLEB7, Broad-Grp, Fine-Grp, Coupled N/Gamma Cross-Sec Lib derived from ENDF/B-VII.0 Nuclear Data
nea-1870 ZZ VITENDF70.BOLIB, ENDF/B-VII.0 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n +42gamma) AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1699 ZZ VITJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1801 ZZ VITJEFF31.BOLIB,JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1869 ZZ VITJEFF311.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1.1 Multi-Group Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Sec Lib in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applic.
dlc-0026 ZZ WM-NRSM, Neutron and Gamma Group Cross-Section Library for Nuclear Rocket Shielding Calculations
dlc-0174 ZZ XCOM, Photon Cross-Section Library for Personal Computer
nea-1891 ZZ-VITJEFF32.BOLIB, JEFF-3.2 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n+ 42gamma) X-Sec. Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications