Computer Codes Available from the OECD/NEA Data Bank in the field of Atmospheric dispersion of radioactive/toxic materials

Status: 21 December 2003

Abstract   Program Description
ccc-0179   ATR radiation transport models in atmosphere at various altitudes
nesc0663   COMRADEX-4 doses from radioactive release, meteorological dispersion, aerosol
nea-1040   CRUNCH dispersion model for continuous dense vapour release in atmosphere
nea-0840   DENZ dense toxic or explosive gas dispersion in atmosphere
ccc-0383   DWNWND downwind atmospheric concentration & dispersion by Gaussian plume model
nea-0561   ESDORA continuous & instantaneous fission product release into atmosphere
nea-0669   FONTA radiation release in atmosphere & deposition in human organs
ccc-0648   GENII-S environmental radiation dosimetry system
nesc0443   HAA3B heterogeneous aerosol transport after LMFBR accidents
nesc0527   HERMES regional release of radionuclides from reactor plant operation
ests0545   HGSYSTEM atmospheric dispersion for ideal gases & hydrogen fluoride
ests1242   HGSYSTEMUF6 simulating dispersion due to atmospheric release of UF6
ccc-0229   KRONIC annual body tissue dose from continuous atmospheric release
nesc1006   MAEROS multi-component aerosol time evolution
ests0212   MASCON mass-consistent atmospheric flux model
ests0279   MATHEWADPIC/ARAC air concentration & ground deposition from point sources
nea-1632   MCDSIM Atmospheric Monte Carlo Dispersion Simulation
nesc9862   MESOI2.0 atmospheric transport of effluent puffs
nea-1534   MESYST simulation of 3D tracer dispersion in atmosphere
nesc9460   MILDOS-AREA radiological impact of airborne U238 from mining & milling
nea-1249   ORION-II concentration & dose from radioactive release into atmosphere
nesc0926   PABLM doses from radioactive releases to atmosphere & food chain
nesc9800   PFPL puff plume atmospheric radioactive or toxicdeposition
nesc0591   PLETHS isopleth area for pollution downwind from single steady-state source
nea-0493   PLUDOS ground level gamma dose from radioactive release at various heights
ests0062   RABFIN PARTS noble gas, iodine, particulate gaseous effluent dose parameters
nesc0687   SITE-2 power plant siting,  cost, environment, seismic & meteorological effects
nea-0770   SITO environmental impact of major industrial activities
ccc-0602   SMART-BNL off-site radionuclide air concentration from reactor accident
nea-1592   TIBSO nuclide transitions & radioactivity migration in technological system
nea-1077   TIME-2 radioactive waste disposal climatic change risk assessment
nea-0701   TIRION-4 atmospheric dispersion of radioactive material for various weather cond
nesc9710   TOXRISK toxic gas release accident analysis
ccc-0500   UTMTOX  toxic chemical transport in atmosphere, ground water, sediments
nesc0964   XOQDOQ meteorological evaluation of atmospheric nuclear power plant effluents