List of Computer Programs relative to

Radioactive Waste Management Studies - Geological Disposal

available from the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Status 30  March 2004

If you are interested in chemical thermodynamic data for waste management applications we recommend visiting the TDB Project.



                D e s c r i p t i o n

nea-1250   2D-SEEP   2-D ground water flow in permeable geologic media
nea-1250   3D-SEEP   3-D ground water flow in permeable geologic media
ccc-0372   ACT-ARA   time-dependent radiation source terms
ccc-0612   ALPHN   (alpha,n) n production in high-level waste canisters
uscd0795   AMRAW   risk assessment method for radioactive waste management
ccc-0417   AT123D   1-D, 2-D, 3-D transient waste transport simulation in ground water
uscd1158   BALANCE   mass transfer in groundwater aqueous solutions
ccc-0633   BLT   waste transport through porous media from container failure
nesc9537  CFEST-1.1   coupled fluid-energy solute transport in groundwater systems
ccc-0584  CHAINT-MC   2-D radionuclide transport in fractured porous medium
nea-1346  CHEMTARD   migration of chemical species through saturated porous media
nesc9774  CHEMTRN   chemical species transport in groundwater systems
nesc0793  CHNSED   hydrological sediment transport in watershed
nea-0903  COLUMN   1-D migration for various physico-chemical processes
ests0357  DASH-FP   multi-component time-dependent concentration diffusion
ccc-0455  DEIS   impact measures of low level radioactive waste disposal
nea-1067  DIFMOD   radionuclide leaching & cement corrosion in brine
ccc-0454  DISPERS   radioactive release into surface water & ground water
nesc9532  DISPOSAL-SITE   low-level radioactive waste storage cost analysis
nesc9833  DOT-BPMD   non-linear heat transfer in 2-D planar or axi-symmetric structures
ests0599  DPCT   probabilistic-deterministic contaminant transport in ground water
ests0637  DSEM   radioactive waste disposal site economic model
ests1300  E3D   3D elastic seismic wave propagation code
nesc0886  EQ-3 EQ6   thermodynamic equilibrium for aqueous solution mineral systems
nesc9722  FE3DGW   ground water flow model using finite elements method
ccc-0451  FEMWASTE 
  finite element method waste transport through porous media
nesc1144  FEMWATER BLT   water or waste transport in soil
ccc-0477  FEWA-FEMA   finite-element model of material transport in ground water
nesc9844  FFSM   long term nuclear waste repository site simulation by Monte Carlo
nesc9411  FRACFLO   2-D radionuclide ground water transport in fracture system
nesc9860  FTRANS   radionuclide flow in groundwater & fractured rock
nesc9834  GEOTHER   2-D heat transport & 2-phase fluid flow in porous rock
nesc0887  GETOUT   radioactive release & decay chain calculation for nuclear waste disposal
ests0576  GRIDMAKER   2-D, 3-D FEM grid generator for ground water & pollutant transport
nesc9845  GSM   Columbia-plateau geologic repository site long-term evolution simulation
nea-1400  GTM1   radionuclide transport by groundwater through geologic formations
nea-1345  HARPHRQ   geochemical reaction modelling
ests0405  HYFRAC3D   3-D hydraulic rock fracture propagation by FEM
ests0406  HYFRACP3D   3-D hydraulic fracture propagation by FEM
ests0005  IMPACTS-BRC2   de minimis radioactive waste management impact analysis
nea-1154  INTRUDE   radiation risk from intrusion into shallow land waste storage site
nea-1153  INVENT   dose rates - inhalation - ingestion risk from closed waste storage site
ccc-0526  IONMIG   radionuclide migration through porous media
nesc0930  LINSED   sediment transport for rectangular stream channel
nea-0860  LISA-4   hazard assessment of nuclear waste disposal in geological formations
ests0386  MAGNUM-2D   heat transport & groundwater flow in fractured porous media
nesc9522  MASCOT   multi-dimensional groundwater transport of radioactive waste
nesc9851  MATLOC   transient non-linear deformation in fractured rock
nea-1057  MELODIE   radiological assessment of nuclear waste migration in ground water
uscd1097  MINEQL   chemical equilibrium composition of aqueous systems
nesc1101  MINTEQ   aqueous geochemical equilibria
nesc9853  MMT   1-D radionuclide groundwater transport
nea-1158  NEARSOL   aqueous speciation & solubility of actinides for waste disposal
nesc9831  NETFLO   3-D steady-state ground-water flow in heterogeneous medium
estc0262  NORIA   2-D non-isothermal 2-phase flow through porous media
nesc9888  NUTRAN   doses by radionuclide migration from nuclear waste storage
nesc0794  OPTRM   WHTM hydrological model optimisation
ccc-0621  PAGAN-1.1   low-level nuclear waste in ground water - performance assessment code
ccc-0499  PART61   low level radioactive waste impact analysis
uscd1207  PHREEQC
 Modeling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential
 Windows Interactive Version of PHREEQC
 code to create graphs from the data generated by PHREEQC
nesc9674  PHREEQE   modelling of geochemical reactions - calculation of P-H - redox potential
uscd1183  PHRQPITZ   geochemical calculations in brines
ccc-0504  PRESTO-II   low level radioactive waste transport & risk assessment
nea-1138  PSACON   standard output format for probabilistic system assessment in waste management
nea-0843  RANCHMD   radionuclide migration in geological media
nea-1539  RAPRAN   radionuclide migration from waste glass release
nea-1231  REFREP   near-field model for spent fuel repository
ccc-0586  REPRISK-PC   radioactive waste storage risk assessment
ccc-0552  RESRAD   residual radionuclides concentration in soil
nea-1356  RIPP2   user-friendly PC interface to geochemical code PHREEQE
ccc-0626  RIVER-RAD   radionuclide transport in surface waters
nesc9849  SALT-4   temperature & stress from radioactive waste disposal in bedded salts
ccc-0629  SESOIL   seasonal pollutant transport in soil
nesc0893  SHAFT-79   2 phase flow in porous media for geothermal energy systems
ests0767  SIMSOL   multiphase fluid & heat flow in porous media
nesc9944  SOLGASMIX-PV   chemical system equilibrium of gaseous & condensed phase mix
uscd1100  SOLUPLOT   EH-PH diagram - A02-PH diagram plots for aqueous chemical systems
psr-0174  SORA   radionuclides analysis data storage & retrieval
nesc9850  STAFAN   fluid flow - mechanical stress in fractured rock of nuclear waste repository
nesc9852  STFLO   steady-state H2O flow in porous media
nesc9811  SWENT   fluid - heat - radionuclide transport in heterogeneous geologic media
nesc0973  SWIFT   3-D fluid flow - heat transfer - decay chain transport in geological media
nea-1023  SYVAC   assessment of nuclear fuel waste management system with parameter variability
nea-1023  SYVAC-A/C   risk assessment from underground radioactive waste disposal in UK
nea-1023  SYVAC-D   risk assessment from underground radioactive waste disposal
nea-1077  TIME-2   radioactive waste disposal climatic change risk assessment
nesc1098  TOUGH2   unsaturated groundwater transport & heat transport simulation
nesc1028  TRIPM   isothermal transport & decay of radionuclides in aquifer
nesc9668  UCBNE10.2   radionuclide migration in porous media
nesc9667  UCBNE25   radionuclide migration in geologic media
nesc9848  UTAH-2   thermoplastic response in anisotropic rock
uscd1150  UTAP   probabilistic assessment of long-term effects of uranium tailings
ccc-0500  UTMTOX   toxic chemical transport in atmosphere - ground water- sediments
nesc9826  VERTPAK-1   fluid flow - rock deformation - solute transport in porous media
nesc9846  VISCOT   viscous mechanical behaviour of rock mass under thermal stress
nea-1142  WADOSE   radiation source in vitrification waste storage apparatus
nesc9673  WAPPA   waste package performance assessment
uscd1157  WATEQ4F   aqueous speciation calculation of natural waters
ests0160  WELBORE    transient wellbore fluid flow model
nea-1147  WHATIF-AQ   geochemical speciation & saturation of aqueous solution
nea-1210  ZZ-HATCHES   thermodynamic data for radiochemical modelling

Codes highlighted in pink color concern chemical thermodynamics and speciation issues.

Publications relative to: An International Code Intercomparison Exercise on a Hypothetical Safety Assessment Case Study for Radioactive Waste Disposal Systems

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