List of Computer Programs relative to

Radiation Dosimetry, Biosphere Modelling

available from the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Status 7  March 2006

Abstract Name D e s c r i p t i o n
ccc-0442 ACDOS3 neutron activation activities & dose rates
nea-0621 ACRO organ doses from acute or chronic radioactive inhalation or ingestion
nesc0908 AERIN organ & tissue doses from radioactive aerosols
ccc-0360 AIRDIF n & gamma doses from nuclear explosion by 2-D air diffusion
ccc-0341 AIRSCAT dose rate from gamma air scattering by single scattering approximation
ccc-0612 ALPHN (alpha-n) neutron production in high-level waste canisters
iaea1219 APUD-3.0 off-site contamination assessment from accidental release
nesc0925 ARRRG/FOOD doses from radioactive release to food chain
iaea0915 BRA breast radiation analysis from mammography
ccc-0070 CHARGE-2/C flux & dose behind shield from electron -proton - heavy particle irradiation
psr-0343 COMIDA radionuclide food chain model for acute fallout deposition
ccc-0518 CRRIS health risk assessment from atmospheric releases of radionuclides
ccc-0273 DACRIN dose in respiratory tract & organs from aerosol inhalation
ccc-0257 DELFIC - TES gamma doses from nuclear explosion radioactive clouds
ccc-0624 DOSE-SGTR iodine release during SGTR in PWR
ccc-0634 DUST-BNL radioactive waste transport from container leaks into ground water
psr-0191 EDISTR nuclear data base generator for internal radiation dosimetry calculation
nea-0845 EDO doses to man & organs from reactor operation noble gas & liquid waste release
nesc0600 EGAD ground level gamma doses function of gamma energy for radioactive releases
ccc-0601 GENII-1.485, GENII-LIN multipurpose health physics code
ccc-0648 GENII-S environmental radiation dosimetry system
nea-0584 GFX/GAMP1 above-ground radiation field from terrestrial K - U - Th gamma emitters
ests0005 IMPACTS-BRC2.1 general radiological impacts analysis
iaea1378 INDOSE V2.1.1 Internal dosimetry code using biokinetics models
ccc-0185 INREM-EXREM-3 time-dependent organ doses from isotope inhalation & ingestion
nea-1153 INVENT dose rates - inhalation - ingestion risk from closed waste storage site
ests0109 IRDAM interactive rapid dose assessment from reactor accident effluents
ccc-0229 KRONIC annual body tissue dose from continuous atmospheric release
nesc0992 LADTAP-2 organ doses to man & other biota from aquatic environment
ccc-0385 LPGS radiation exposure from radioactive release into hydrosphere
ccc-0503 MARINRAD health hazard from radioactive material release into ocean
ests0331 MESORAD emergency response airborne dose assessment
nesc9460 MILDOS-AREA radiological impact of airborne U-238 - from mining & milling
nesc9623 MIRDOSE internal radiation dose using MIRD schema
iaea1384 NKE 2.16 Nuclide Explorer tool for retrieving interactively detailed data on radionuclides properties
ests0764 PCDOSE-ESTSC radioactive dose assessment & NRC verification
ccc-0422 RADRISK doses to human organs & health effects from inhalation & ingestion
ccc-0553 RASCAL radiological doses from accidental release to atmosphere
ccc-0632 RBD doses from radionuclides inhalation - ingestion -wound uptake from bioassays
ests0579 REMIT radiation exposure monitoring & information transmittal system
ccc-0626 RIVER-RAD radionuclide transport in surface waters
nesc0265 RSAC gamma doses - inhalation & ingestion doses - FP- inventory after FP release
nesc9859 SEEDIS social economic environmental & demographic information system
ccc-0310 SFACTOR dose equivalent to target organs from radionuclides in organs
nea-0770 SITO environmental impact of major industrial activities
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE dose rate outside concrete steel building from 6 MeV gamma by MC
ccc-0646 SKYSHINE-KSU Gamma Skyshine Doses by Integral Line-Beam Method
ccc-0602 SMART-BNL off-site radionuclide air concentration from reactor accident
nesc0924 SUBDOSA external gamma - beta doses from radionuclide release into atmosphere
nesc0599 TOPLYR-2 open channel H2O flow - temperature - distant -source - time-dependent boundary conditions
nesc1088 UMIBIO U milling bioassay dosimetry model
ccc-0522 VARSKIN-2 dose calculation for skin contamination with Sadde input generator
ccc-0427 WRAITH internal & external doses from atmospheric release of isotopes
dlc-0079 ZZ DOSDAT-2 gamma & electron dose conversion factor data library for body organs
dlc-0144 ZZ DOSEDAT-DOE dose rate conversion factors for external photon - electron exposure
dlc-0080 ZZ DRALIST radioactive decay data for dosimetry & hazard assessment
dlc-0167 ZZ FGR-DOSE dose coefficients for intake & exposure to radionuclides
dlc-0172 ZZ NUCDECAY nuclear decay data for radiation dosimetry calculation for ICRP & MIRD
iaea1407 ZZ RRDF-98 Cross-sections and covariance matrices for 22 neutron induced dosimetry reactions
dlc-0188 ZZ SKYSDATA-KSU Neutron and Gamma Skyshine Responses
dlc-0164 ZZ UNGER effective dose equivalent data for selected isotopes