List of NJOY User Group Notes

Note: This archive was frozen on 20 January 2000. In March 2000 a listserver was set up that represents a new way of storing the notes of NJOY Users.

The notes contained herein, record the history of changes and discussions that have taken place over 10 years between the author and the users of NJOY. They should help identifying the reasons behind the changes, which are now included in the most recent version of NJOY.

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E. Sartori: The NEA NJOY User Group; Its Role and Working Method, 6 December 1991


C.J. Dean, C.R. Eaton:
- Installation of NJOY89.62 in Double Precision on SUN4 Workstations,
- Modifications to NJOY89.62 Made at Winfrith, September 1991

NJOY/PANINI-01 G.C. Panini: Corrections to NJOY-91.13 ENEA-Bologna, Italy - 4 November 1991



R.E. MacFarlane: NJOY - HISTORY OF MODIFICATIONS from NJOY-89.63 to NJOY-89.80(= NJOY-91.0)
Brief Comments Describing the Modifications - 16 May 1992


R.E. MacFarlane: NJOY - HISTORY OF MODIFICATIONS from NJOY-91.0 to NJOY-91.38
Brief Comments Describing the Modifications - 16 May 1992


E. Sartori: Second NJOY USER GROUP Meeting - Summary - 23 June 1992
Annex 1: List of Participants - NJOY User Group
Annex 2: NJOY-91/THEMIS Seminar and 2nd Meeting, Role and Working Method of Group
Annex 3: Conclusions and Recommendations
Annex 4: Changes suggested by Piet de Leege to NJOY-91.0 - IRI, IRI02, IRI03

NJOY/DEAN-01 C.R. Eaton, C.J. Dean: Processing of Unresolved Parameters in NJOY AEA Technology Winfrith - 24 June 1992
NJOY/NEADB-04 E. Sartori: Summary Discussion on NJOY at the June 1992 JEF Meeting - 6 July 1992
NJOY/LEHMANN-01 S. Lehmann: Modifications to NJOY-91.13 for IBM-3090VF VM/XA Technische Universitaet Braunschweig - 24 August 1992
NJOY/NEADB-05 R.E. MacFarlane: Status of NJOY Manual, LANL, USA - 4 December 1992
NJOY/WEBSTER-01 E.B. Webster: A Numerical Problem with NJOY89/BROADR, AEA Technology Winfrith, October 1992
NJOY/JDKIM-01 Jung-Do Kim: Testing of JENDL-3.1 and ENDF/B-VI based WIMS Cross-section Libraries Processed by NJOY91, Nov. 1992
NJOY/HOGENBIRK-01 A. Hogenbirk, H. Gruppelaar and D. Nierop: Improvements in the Processing of MCNP-Libraries using NJOY-91.38, ECN Petten, EFF-DOC-180, December 1992
NJOY/HOGENBIRK-02 A. Hogenbirk: ECN Corrections to NJOY-91.38, 18 December 1992. Improvements in the Processing of MCNP-Libraries using NJOY-91.38, ECN Petten, EFF-DOC-180, December 1992
NJOY/DELEEGE-01 P. de Leege: Descriptions of changes proposed to NJOY-91.38, IRI01, IRI02, IRI03 (VAX),(BROADR),(Fission Matrix), TU Delft, December 1992
NJOY/BROEDERS-01 C. Broeders: Coupled Neutron Photon Group Constant Library in the GRUBA Format and first Tests in Transport Calculations, 8 December 1992



R.E. MacFarlane: Correction to gamma-production in UP30 of NJOY-91, 10 March 1993

NJOY/AHMED-01 S. Ahmed, CRAY-2 Corrections to NJOY-91.38 at PSI, 31 March 1993
NJOY/PANINI-02 G.C. Panini: Problem processing B-11 (JEF-2.2), 6 April 1993
NJOY/RAEPSAET-01 C. Raepsaet: Proposed Correction to NJOY.RESERV Routine (multi-material processing) 1/04/93
NJOY/RAEPSAET-02 C. Raepsaet: Comparison between NJOY-89 and NJOY-91, 15 December 1992
NJOY/JEWHITE-01 J.E. White: Reich-Moore Elastic Scattering Reconstruction Problem (Fe-56, Pb-207), 16 April 1993
NJOY/TRKOV-01 A. Trkov: ENDF/B-VI Based WIMS Library Produced with WIMSR, 11 March 1993
NJOY/VONTOBEL-01 P. Vontobel: MCNP Library EFF1LIB(Rev5) Produced at PSI.
NJOY/GANESAN-01 S. Ganesan: Processing of Mo-nat (MAT-3420) of JENDL-3.1 File, 2 April 1993
NJOY/GRAEGG-01 C. Graegg: Problems in Processing CD-113 from JEF-2.2, 2 April 1993
NJOY/NEADB-06 Quality Assurance of NJOY, May 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-02 R.E. MacFarlane: Revision Control and QA in NJOY, 2 April 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-03 R.E. MacFarlane: README for NJOY-91.76, 1 June 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-04 R.E. MacFarlane: Status of NJOY as of June 1993, 10 June 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-05 R.E. MacFarlane: Status of NJOY Manual, 10 June 1993, (supersedes note NJOY/NEADB-05, 4 December 1992)
NJOY/KODELI-01 I.A. Kodeli, Proposed Changes to TRANSX, 18 February 1993
NJOY/TRKOV-02 A. Trkov, T. Zidi, S. Ganesan: NJOY Verification for WIMS Library Preparation, IJS-DP-6622, 21 May 1993 and Comparison of WIMS Results Using Libraries Based on New Evaluated Data Files
NJOY/DELEEGE-02 P. de Leege: Changes to NJOY-91.76 IRI01: for VAX and SW machine IRI03A: concerns local modifications for PLOTR IRI04: Avoid zero divide in BROADR 17 June 1993
NJOY/DELEEGE-03 P. de Leege: Problem in WIMSR (UP70) in NU*SIGF ? June 1993
NJOY/PANINI-03 M. Frisoni, G.C. Panini: Corrections to NJOY-91.38 (NJOY.2123 (TERP1), GROUPR.6385,6386 (CONVER)), June 1993
NJOY/EATON-01 C.R. Eaton: Modifications to NJOY-91.38 made at Winfrith 10 June 1993
NJOY/PELLONI-01 S. Pelloni: Corrections to ACER Module (NJOY-91.38), 7 June 1993
NJOY/NEADB-07 E. Sartori: Summary of NJOY User Group Meeting, 15th June 1993. (Contains copies of viewgraphs by C. Dean on "NJOY Assurance" and by P. Nagel on the "WPAC Task Force on Scientific Application Software"
NJOY/BERSILLON-01 O. Bersillon: Remark about the damage calculation in NJOY, 11 June 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-06 R.E. MacFarlane: Reply to Notes: NJOY/DELEEGE-02, and NJOY/PANINI-03, 2 July 1993
NJOY/HERMSDORF-01 D. Hermsdorf: Comments on NJOY-91.38 on VAX and CONVEX, 27 August 1993
NJOY/RSIC-01 RSIC: NJOY-91.91 Package File Description, 19 October 1993
NJOY/NEADB-08 Distribution list for Information about NJOY, 1 December 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-07 LANL: Using the t2mail mail robot; list of available files; Access through World-Wide-Web; Access through Gopher; 19 November 1993
NJOY/ROBINSON-01 G. Robinson: NJOY Treatment of Energy Release in Fission (Draft) - from t2mail 19 November 1993
NJOY/GANESAN-02 S. Ganesan and R. MacFarlane: Improved Photoatomic Processing in RECONR; from t2mail 19 November 1993
NJOY/JEWHITE-02 J.E. White: Problem with NK in GETSED for NJOY-91.76, from t2mail 19 November 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-08 R.E. MacFarlane : Changes introduced from NJOY-91.76 to NJOY-91.91; from t2mail 19 November 1993
NJOY/MACFARLANE-09 R.E. MacFarlane : New MATXS Libraries Available; from t2mail 19 November 1993
NJOY/DEAN-02 C.J. Dean, C.R. Eaton: Comments on Production of Neutron Point Heating from JEF2 for MCBEND AEA Technology Winfrith - December 1993, JEF/DOC/449

E. Sartori: Summary of NJOY User Group Meeting, 2nd December 1993 NEA Data Bank, 3 December 1993


NJOY/DELEEGE-04 P. de Leege: Corrections to NJOY-91.91, May 1994
NJOY/DELEEGE-05 P. de Leege: Output Conversion Correction NJOY-91.91, May 1994

G.C. Panini: Photon Production Matrix Problem in NJOY-91.38, Problem in SMILER ENEA-Bologna, Italy - 19 May 1994

NJOY/VANDERSTAD-01 R. van der Stad : Problems in the thermal Scattering in GROUPR - NJOY-91.91, 6 June 1994

C.R. Eaton: Problems in the thermal Scattering in GROUPR - NJOY-91.91, 27 May 1994

NJOY/TRKOV-03 A. Trkov, D. Lopez Aldama: The Impact of NJOY91.91 Updates for Thermal Reactor Applications, 3 June 1994
NJOY/PETRIZZI-01 L. Petrizzi: Processing EFF-2.3 with ACER of NJOY to produce an MCNP working Library, 7 June 1994
NJOY/EATON-03 C.R. Eaton, C.J. Dean: Modifications to NJOY91.91 Made at Winfrith, AEA Technology Winfrith - May 1994
NJOY/NEADB-10 M. Loechte: Quality Assessment of NJOY, NSC/DOC(94)24, March 1994
NJOY/MACFARLANE-9a R.E. MacFarlane: Status of NJOY and Future Plans, 8 June 1994
NJOY/NEADB-11 E. Sartori: Summary of NJOY User Group Meeting, 8 June 1994 NEA Data Bank, 9 June 1994
NJOY/TRKOV-04 A. Trkov: Thermal Neutron Data Processing with NJOY91.91, IJS-DP-7045, 27 July 1994
NJOY/TRKOV-05 A. Trkov: Experience with WIMSR module of NJOY91.91, 14 October 1994
NJOY/DELEEGE-06 P. de Leege: Print out File Names used for QA, November, 1994
NJOY/MACFARLANE-10 R.E. MacFarlane : Changes introduced from NJOY-91.91 to NJOY-91.118; 28 November 1994
NJOY/MACFARLANE-11 R.E. MacFarlane : NJOY 94 and 95; 9 December 1994
NJOY/TRKOV-06 A. Trkov: Recent Development in the Use of NJOY for Thermal Reactor Applications, 9 December 1994
NJOY/EATON-04 C.R. Eaton: Status of NJOY91 at Winfrith, November 1994


NJOY/NEADB-12 E. Sartori: Summary of NJOY User Group Meeting, 9 December 1994 NEA Data Bank, 18 April 1995
NJOY/MACFARLANE-12 R.E. MacFarlane : STATUS OF NJOY ; 2 June 1995
NJOY/JEWHITE-03 John E. White: Note from RSIC Concerning Status of NJOY (Excerpts); 3 June 1995
NJOY/TRKOV-07 A. Trkov: Comparison of U-238 ENDF/B-IV data processed from RECENT94.1 and NJOY91.118+ including a RECONR patch. 4 January 1995 Proposed changes to WIMSR. 9 June 1995
NJOY/NEADB-13 E. Sartori: Summary of NJOY User Group Meeting, 13 June 1995 NEA Data Bank, 14 June 1995


NJOY/NEADB-14 E. Sartori: Status of NJOY, January 1996 NEA Data Bank, 11 January 1996
NJOY/NEADB-15 E. Sartori: Summary of Discussion on NJOY at JEF Meeting, 16 January 1996, NEA Data Bank
NJOY/MACFARLANE-13 R.E. MacFarlane : NJOY94.25 ; 10 February 1996

E. Sartori: Next NJOY User Group Meeting and Processed Data NEA Data Bank, 6 June 1996


E. Sartori: First Results of Inquiry on Processed Cross Section Data, NEA Data Bank, 3 July 1996 NJOY/RAEPSAET-03 C. Raepsaet: Comparison between NJOY-89.62S and NJOY-94.35 Results, 4 July 1996

NJOY/RAEPSAET-04 C. Raepsaet: Processing of Ru Isotopes, 4 July 1996

A.J. Koning and H. Oudshoorn: CHECKR, FIZCON, PSYCHE and STANEF: Some problems and solutions, 1 July 1996


E. Sartori: Summary of Discussion on NJOY and Data Processing at the JEF/EFF meeting, 4 July 1996

NJOY/NEADB-19 E. Sartori: NJOY User Group Meeting NEA Data Bank, 10 December 1996 (2.X.1996)
NJOY/TRKOV-08 A. Trkov:- Comments on NJOY94; Particle Production Matrices, ACE files for MCNP, WIMSR Module, . Installation on short word machines, 2-Dec-1996
NJOY/MACFARLANE-14 R.E. MacFarlane: Comments on Updates to NJOY94, 9-Dec-1996
NJOY/MACFARLANE-15 R.E. MacFarlane: New uptdates to NJOY94 since last official release, 9 December 1996
NJOY/MACFARLANE-16 R.E. MacFarlane: Recent Progress on NJOY December 1996
NJOY/MACFARLANE-17 R.E. MacFarlane: Unresolved Resonance Treatment in NJOY/MCNP, 17-Nov-1996
NJOY/VERTES-01 Peter Vertes: How to Customize NJOY to PCs", December 1996

R.J. Perry: Problems with Thermal Scattering Interpolation in NJOY94.10, 10 December 1996


R.J. Perry:- Installation of NJOY94.10 at AEA Technology Draft AEAT-1008, December 1996

NJOY/FISCHER-01 U. Fischer, D. Woll: Experiences in processing new high energy neutron cross section data (up to 50 MeV) with NJOY/ACER for the IFMIF neutron source. 10-Dec-1996

H. Wienke, D.W. Muir:- Problems in Processing Tabulated JENDL-3.2 Angular Distributions with ACER, 10-Dec-1996

NJOY/JACQMIN-01 R. Jacqmin, J.P. Both:- ECCO/ERANOS Validation Studies JEF-DOC-647, 10-Dec-1996



A. Trkov: NJOY94.66 Installation in Double Precision IJS-DP-7641, 4-Feb-1997


E. Sartori: Summary NJOY User Group Meeting of 10 December 1996 12-May-1997.


R.E. MacFarlane: NJOY94 Update 105, 27 August 1997


R.E. MacFarlane: NJOY97 Status, 27 14 December 1997



R.E. MacFarlane: Announcement of Realease of NJOY97, 11 May 1998


R.E. MacFarlane: Status of NJOY/ T2 Web Site 15 September 1998


R.E. MacFarlane: Changes to NJOY 97.0 To Make 97.42 17 Nov 1998


D. Muir: Covariance Processing News, 20 November 1998


R.E. MacFarlane: Changes to NJOY 97.0 To Make 97.45 20 Nov 1998


R.E. MacFarlane: Queries to Users about Future Evolution of NJOY, 17 December 1998



R.E. MacFarlane: Changes to NJOY 97.0 To Make 97.62 15 Jan 1999


E. Sartori: Announcement of NJOY User Group Meeting, NEA Headquarters, 12 April 1999 (29 March 1999)


R.E. MacFarlane: Changes to NJOY 97.0 To Make 97.95 30 Mar 1999


R.E. MacFarlane: NJOY in 1999, 6 April 1999


P. Ribon, A. Nouri: ENDF-B6 Format and Processing Codes - The Average Neutron Width for 2 Degrees of Freedom April 1999 JEFDOC-788


P.V. Vladimirov: Using NJOY fro PKA Spectra Calculations April 1999


A. Trkov: On an Anomalous Self-Shielding Factors of U-235 ENDF/B-VI in the Unresolved Resonance Range 12 April 1999


R.E. MacFarlane, E. Sartori: Summary NJOY User Group Meeting of 12 April 1999


NJOY/MACFARLANE-28 R.E. Macfarlane: Release of NJOY99, 19 January 2000

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