OECD/NEA Data Bank


NJOY: a comprehensive nuclear data processing computer code system for producing continuous-energy and multi-group neutron, photon, and charged  particle cross sections from ENDF format evaluated nuclear data

20 November 2006

OECD/NEA, 12 boulevard des Iles, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, France  


1.  Welcome, Introduction of Participants

2.  R.E. MacFarlane, S. Kahler: Presentation of current status of NJOY and plans for the future (NJOY99.161 etc.)

3. Andrej Trkov: Co-ordination of updates required for JEFF/EFF and JENDL evaluations

4.  Experience and Feedback from Users on NJOY99

5.  Experience in Processing Covariance Data
6.  Discussion on Future Developments and Wishlist of Users

7.  Summary - Conclusions

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