OECD/NEA Data Bank

Computer Program Service (CPS) E-Newsletter

No. 2, February 2001

Computer Program Service of the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Computer Codes

The most recently acquired computer codes and data are: 
  • LAHET 2.8, code cystem for high energy particle transport calculations
  • PENELOPE2000, coupled electron-photon transport at high energies
  • SAMMY M5, resonance parameters from experimental neutron cross-cections by R-Matrix theory
  • SRNA-2KG, proton transport using 3D Monte Carlo techniques
  • SYRCO-1, 1-D, 2 groups multi-zone interactive diffusion code

For more details see weekly updated list (on Mondays)

  • The list of hyperlinks to abstracts of Monte Carlo codes sorted by area of application has recently been updated.
  • Results from recent conferences addressing the Monte Carlo (MC) methods
  • We have prepared specific lists of available codes with links to their description for the following applications;
    • Radioactive Waste Management Studies - Geological Disposal
    • Statistical Tools, Uncertainty Analysis, Probabilistic Distribution Functions for Probabilistic Assessment
    • Atmospheric dispersion of radioactive/toxic materials
    • Radiation Dosimetry, Biosphere Modelling
  • The January 2001 issue of the SCALE Newsletter is now available on the Web. It may be found through the usual button clicks from the SCALE home page or you may go directly
  • Other useful links about codes has recently been expanded.
  • Searches by keywords can be made

Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation

Compilations and evaluations have been updated concerning the :

  • International Fuel Performance Experiments Data Base IFPE
  • Shielding Experiments Data Base (SINBAD) at RSICC or NEADB

Work is in progress on the International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments Project.

Training Courses & Tutorials:

For 2001, the following training courses, tutorials or code user group meetings are proposed :

  • MCNP training course(s) (advanced 2-6 April 2001 at Imperial College, London, UK and introductory mid-September 2001 at Saclay, France),
  • TRIPOLI-3.5 (Monte Carlo) training course, (2-4 October, 2001 at NEA, Paris),
  • MC Visual Editor  training course, (tentative),
  • PENELOPE-2000  (electron-photon transport) workshop with tutorial, (November 2001, NEA, Paris),
  • NJOY  (Evaluated Nuclear Data Processing) Workshop / User Group meeting, 15 May 2001 at Aix-en-Provence, France,
  • SCALE 4.4A - Criticality, Shielding, Source Term (tentative)
  • Tutorials on deterministic radiation transport codes (tentative)

The proposed courses, tutorials etc. will be held depending on user interest and participation.

News from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

The latest issue of the NEA online bulletin.


Activities in acquisitions and dispatches during 2000

Graphs describing the evolution over the years of the Computer Program service concerning new acqusitions / revisions of computer codes and integral experiments data, the profile of users for 2000 as well as dispatch by area of interest are shown here.
You will note that the number of integral experiments benchmark data has decreased compared to 1999. The major reason is that one of the databases has not undergone updates in 2000 and requests for it were therefore much smaller than in the previous year. The request for Computer Program packages increased over the previous year. Customers profile has not changed much from the previous year. Half of the requests come from the national or governmental funded laboratories, one quarter from academia and one quarter from industry and engineering companies.