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Computer Program Service (CPS) E-Newsletter

No. 3, April 2001

Computer Program Service of the OECD/NEA Data Bank

Computer Codes

The most recently acquired computer codes and data are: 
  • MECC-7, medium-energy intranuclear cascade code system (revised)
  • SONATINA, predicts behaviour of prismatic HTGR core under seismic excitation
  • MCVIEW, 3-D radiation view-factor by Monte Carlo method
  • CASKET, thermal & structural analyses for transport & storage cask
  • BWRDYN, thermal hydraulic analysis of a BWR plant 
  • PDASAC, partial differential sensitivity analysis of stiff systems 
  • MC2-2, fast neutron spectra and multigroup cross-sections calculation from ENDF/B data

For more details see weekly updated list (on Mondays)

  • We have carried out a study to determine the difficulties encountered and the effort required to export codes written in Fortran-IV and Fortran-77 to Fortran-95 compiler environments. This will help us to determine the survivability of not recently developed software accross language and system evolution. The report "Upgrading older Fortran Programs to current Fortran-95 versions" is accessible as PDF file (Acrobat Reader).
    Examples of  computer codes that were successfully upgraded to Fortran-95 in this exercise are:

  • PAPIN, cross-sections, self-shielding factors for fertile isotopes in the unresolved resonance region

  • PEPIN, fission products concentrations, activities, spectra, residual heat

  • THERMOS, 1-d integral transport for neutron spectra, slab and cylindrical geometry 

  • SASSI, total and differential elastic & inelastic neutron cross section by Hauser-Feshbach method

Integral Experiments Data for Model and Code Validation. The most recently acquired sets of integral experiments are: 
ZZ-BWRTT, BWR turbine trip transient benchmark based on Peach-Bottom 2
IFPE/DEMO-RAMP-I, II & IV pellet clad interaction behaviour, fast power ramping experiments

Compilations and evaluations have been updated concerning the :

  • International Fuel Performance Experiments Data Base IFPE

  • Shielding Experiments Data Base (SINBAD) at RSICC or NEADB

Training Courses & Tutorials:

For 2001, the following training courses, tutorials or code user group meetings are proposed :

  • MCNP introductory training course mid-September 2001 in Germany or UK,

  • TRIPOLI-3.5 (Monte Carlo) training course, (2-4 October, 2001 at NEA, Paris),

  • PENELOPE-2000  (electron-photon transport) workshop with tutorial, (November 2001, NEA, Paris),

  • NJOY  (Evaluated Nuclear Data Processing) Workshop / User Group meeting, 15 May 2001 at Aix-en-Provence, France,

  • SCALE 4.4A- Criticality, Shielding, Source Term (tentative)

  • Tutorials on deterministic radiation transport codes (tentatively early 2002)

The proposed courses, tutorials etc. will be held depending on user interest and participation.

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