MADRID International Conference on Mathematics and Computation,

Reactor Physics and Environmental Analysis in Nuclear Applications

(M&C'99- Madrid)

Special Session on Monte Carlo

This conference was held from 27 - 30 September 1999. It was organised by the Institute of Nuclear Fusion (DENIM) and Department of Nuclear Engineering, Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

Two specific sessions on Monte Carlo Radiation Transport related issues have been organised, but papers on Monte Carlo applications were presented also in other sessions. In total about 25 papers dealt with Monte Carlo issues. In the session devoted to 'Stochastic Transport Theory Methods' more theoretical aspects, the development of mathematical and stochastic methods were addressed, focusing on aspects like solution of the transport and diffusion equation, statistical estimators, forward-adjoint coupling, hybrid methods and variance reduction techniques. Issues concerned with the operation of specific MC codes on parallel machines, applications for analysing experiments, oil well logging, applications to intermediate energy particle cascade modelling etc. were discussed in other sessions. Of particular relevance was the session on 'Monte-Carlo Depletion and 3-D Reactor Calculations'. This session was devoted to new trends in applying MC to reactor physics problems including in particular burn-up and whole core calculations and the error propagation in depletion calculation. Much progress has been achieved in this field in recent years and a still wider use is expected to be made of these techniques in coming years.

Last reviewed: 27 May 2011