ENTRY            O1891   20110913
SUBENT    C   O1891001   20110913                                 
BIB                 11         31                                 
TITLE      On the decay of the J= 11/2-, T1/2 = 38.9 h isomer     
           in Ba-133- search for the E5 transition and            
           verification of the EC branch.                         
AUTHOR     (P.Granholm, T.Loennroth, J.Suhonen, J.Bergman,        
           K.-M.Kaellman, J.-O.Lill, M.Norrby, E.Ydrefors,        
INSTITUTE  (2SF ABA)                                              
           (2SF TKU)                                              
           (2SF JYV)                                              
           (2SF HLS)                                              
REFERENCE  (J,JP/G,38,015101,2011)                                
FACILITY   (VDGT,2SF HLS)  The Tandem van de Graaff at the        
           Accelerator Laboratory at Helsinki University          
           (ACCEL,2SF ABA) The actual activation study of the     
             11/2- state in Ba-133 was done at the accelerator    
           laboratory at Abo Academi                              
SAMPLE     A thin CsI crystal target.                             
           The target, 10*10*2 mm**3 CsI crystal, was placed      
           in a water-cooled target holder with a 25 mum stainless
           steel foil in front of it. The foil degrades the       
           particle energy with 0.49 MeV.                         
METHOD     (SITA)                                                 
DETECTOR   (HPGE) One high-purity Ortec Ge detector of 19%        
ERR-ANALYS (DATA-ERR).The uncertainty is reported by authors on   
           (ERR-DIG).Digitizing error of data.                    
           (EN-ERR-DIG). Digitizing error of energy               
STATUS     The letter was sent to P.Granholm 07.02.2011           
HISTORY    (20110207C) sb                                         
ENDBIB              31          0                                 
NOCOMMON             0          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           34          0                                 
SUBENT        O1891002   20110913
BIB                  3          4                                 
REACTION   (55-CS-133(P,N)56-BA-133-M,,SIG)                       
DECAY-DATA (56-BA-133-M,38.9HR,DG,276.1,0.175)                    
STATUS     (CURVE).By CAJAD- Data scanned from Fig.2              
                   of J,JP/G,38,015101,201186.                    
ENDBIB               4          0                                 
COMMON               2          3                                 
EN-ERR-DIG ERR-DIG                                                
MEV        MB                                                     
       0.13         1.                                            
  ENDCOMMON          3          0                                 
DATA                 3          5                                 
EN         DATA       DATA-ERR                                    
MEV        MB         MB                                          
       5.00        1.5                                            
       6.20        1.6                                            
       7.40       19.1                                            
       8.60       62.3                                            
        9.8       226.         7.                                 
    ENDDATA          7          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           20          0