ENTRY            O1869   20101123
SUBENT        O1869001   20101123                                 
BIB                 13         53                                 
TITLE      Reactions with the double-Borromean nucleus He-8.      
AUTHOR     (A.Lemasson, A.Navin, N.Keeley, M.Rejmund,             
           S.Bhattacharyya, A.Shrivastava, D.Bazin, D.Beaumel,    
           Y.Blumenfeld, A.Chatterjee, D.Gupta, G.de France,      
           B.Jacquot, M.Labiche, R.Lemmon, V.Nanal, J.Nyberg,     
           R.G.Pillay, R.Raabe, K.Ramachandran, J.A.Scarpaci,     
           C.Simenel, I.Stefan, C.N.Timis)                        
INSTITUTE  (2FR GAN)                                              
           (2FR PAR)                                              
           (2UK DAR)                                              
           (2FR SAC)                                              
           (2UK SUR)                                              
REFERENCE  (J,PR/C,82,044617,2010)                                
FACILITY   (CYCLO,2FR GAN) Radioactive beams He-8 were obtained   
           from ISOL facility, SPIRAL at GANIL, France            
           (PRJFS,2FR GAN)                                        
SAMPLE     A 2.68 mg/cm**2 thick self-supporting Cu-65 foil,      
           isotopically enriched to 99.7%, was used as target.    
INC-SOURCE  The fragmentation of a 75 MeV/nucleon C-13 beam on a  
           thick graphite target was used to produce the He-8     
           ions which were accelerated by the CIME cyclotron to   
           19.9 and 30.6 MeV.                                     
DETECTOR   (MCPLT) A microchannel plate (MCP) detector, placed on 
           a movable arm 2 m upstream of the target position, was 
           used to monitor the beam.                              
           (GE) The characteristic gamma rays from target like    
           residues produced in the reactions were detected using 
           EXOGAM  gamma array, consisting of 11 fully Compton    
           suppressed clovers placed 14.7 cm from the target.     
           (SI) The charged particles were detected and identified
           in an annular Si telescope, placed at 2.5 cm from the  
           target, comprising delta-E( approx. 50 mum) and E-     
            (approx. 500 mum) elements with active inner and      
           outer diameters of 22 and 70 mm covering an angular    
           range of 25-60 degrees.                                
           Neutrons were detected in the Neutron Wall array       
           consisting of 45 hexagonal detectors placed at 55 cm   
           from the target.                                       
REL-REF    (I,,O.Skeppstedt+,J,NIM/A,421,531,1999)                
METHOD     (EDE)                                                  
ADD-RES    (G-SPC)                                                
STATUS     The letter was send to A.Navin 21.11.2010              
           (TABLE).Table data were received 26.11.2010            
           from Dr.Antoine LEMASSON                               
HISTORY    (20101123C) SB                                         
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SUBENT        O1869009   20101129
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REACTION   ((29-CU-65(2-HE-8,2-HE-7)29-CU-66,,SIG)+               
COMMENT    *By authors*.The integral neutron-transfer cross       
           sections were obtained from the measured intensities of
           the inclusive gamma-ray spectra of Cu-65,66 after      
           correcting for compound nucleus contributions          
           calculated using the code CASCADE                      
ERR-ANALYS (DATA-ERR).Additional uncertainty in the total         
           transfer cross sections arising from uncertainties in  
           the statistical model calculations were estimated to be
           less than 5%-error is reported by authors in text      
STATUS     (TABLE).Table data for fig4(b) of J,PR/C,82,044617,2010
ENDBIB              13          0                                 
NOCOMMON             0          0                                 
DATA                 3          2                                 
EN-CM      DATA       DATA-ERR                                    
MEV        MB         MB                                          
      17.72       782.        78.                                 
      27.25       759.       114.                                 
    ENDDATA          4          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           22          0