ENTRY            O1840   20100226
SUBENT        O1840001   20100226                                 
BIB                 12         26                                 
TITLE      Suppression of fusion by breakup-Resolving the         
           discrepancy between the reactions of Be-9 with Pb-208  
           and Bi-209.                                            
AUTHOR     (M.Dasgupta, D.J.Hinde, S.L.Sheehy, B.Bouriquet)       
REFERENCE  (J,PR/C,81,024608,2010)                                
REL-REF    (R,A0719001,M.Dasgupta+,J,PR/C,70,024606,2004) The     
           details of the experimental setup                      
INSTITUTE  (3AULCBR) Department of Nuclear Physics,               
PART-DET   (A) The cross sections for residues resulting from     
           complete and incomplete fusion were determined by      
           measuring their alpha activity.                        
DETECTOR   (SIBAR) Two Si surface barrier detectors, were used to 
           detect elastic scattering for normalization and thus to
           obtain absolute cross sections.                        
FACILITY   (VDGT,3AULCBR) 14UD pelletron.                         
METHOD     (ACTIV,REC) Recoiling evaporation residues were stopped
           in aluminum catcher foils placed immediately behind the
COMMENT    *By authors*.Absolute cross sections for both ERs and  
           fission were determined by performing a calibration    
           using a Si-28 beam incident on a Pt-196 target at the  
           subbarrier energy of 92.0 MeV, where the elastic       
           scattering is described by Rutherford scattering at all
ERR-ANALYS (ERR-S).Statistical uncertainty.                       
HISTORY    (20100226C)SB                                          
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NOCOMMON             0          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           29          0                                 
SUBENT        O1840009   20100226
BIB                  4          5                                 
REACTION   (83-BI-209(4-BE-9,3N)87-FR-215,,SIG)                   
MONITOR    (83-BI-209(4-BE-9,EL)83-BI-209,,DA,,RTH)               
SAMPLE     Target of Bi-209, thickness 120 mug/cm**2, were backed 
           by 360 mug/cm**2 aluminum catcher foils.               
STATUS     (TABLE).Table 2.                                       
ENDBIB               5          0                                 
NOCOMMON             0          0                                 
DATA                 3          3                                 
EN-CM      DATA       ERR-S                                       
MEV        MB         MB                                          
      42.15       173.         6.                                 
      47.91       72.6        4.2                                 
      57.50        5.7        1.5                                 
    ENDDATA          5          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           15          0