ENTRY            O1725   20110125
SUBENT    C   O1725001   20110125                                 
BIB                 11         55                                 
TITLE      On the photon self-absorption correction for thin-     
           target-yields vs. thick-target-yields in radionuclide  
AUTHOR     (Z.B.Alfassi, E.Persico, F.Groppi, M.L.Bonardi)        
REFERENCE  (J,ARI,67,240,2009) Digitizing data                    
           (J,ARI,68,1595,2010) Digitizing data                   
           (J,RCA,99,1,2011) Table data                           
INSTITUTE  (3ISLNEG)                                              
FACILITY   (CYCLO,2ZZZISP)                                        
SAMPLE     Thick targets W-natural isotopic composition and       
           several 500 mg of highly enriched 99.9% W-186 powder   
           and W-180 0.001%, W-182 0.01%, W-183W 0.005%, W-184    
            0.09% were used.                                      
           The powdered targets were pressed up to 15M Pabyan     
           hydraulic crystallography press in between two         
           accurately measured high purity Al foils, 10 mm of     
           nominal diameter, 120 and 200 mm thick. During the     
           irradiation,the Al-W-186-Al stacks were enveloped      
           in between other two further calibrated high purity    
           12 mm  Al foils, 99.999%, 20*20 mm**2 area in order to 
           prevent any losses and contaminations of activated     
           W-186 powder during and /or after their radiation, i.e.
           these sheets ware taken away after their radiation.    
           The Al foils thickness was chosen in order to obtain   
           values of the energies incident on the enriched W-186  
           targets comparable for protons  (13.6+-0.2 MeV) and    
           deuterons(13.4+-0.2 MeV) beams.                        
DETECTOR   (HPGE) 8 HPGe detectors, 15-40% relative efficiency,   
            1.9-2.3 keV FWHM for Co-60 and peak to Compton ratio  
            30:1 at 1.33 MeV                                      
METHOD     (SITA)                                                 
ERR-ANALYS (ERR-S,,0.1).Statistical error on the net peak counts. 
           (ERR-1,1.,2.).Error in integrated beam charge.         
           Typical over all relative type error of 4.5%. The      
           systematic errors were not taking in to account-       
           decay half-life, gamma emission intensity, decay       
           (ERR-2) calibration 226Ra source uncertainty (1.5%)    
           (ERR-3) calibration 152Eu source uncertainty (2.0%)    
           (ERR-4) calibration 133 Ba source uncertainty (3.0%)   
           (ERR-5,,1.) fitting of the detector efficiency         
                                            curves (< 1%),        
             with a typical overall relative type A error of 4.5%.
             ** The systematic errors(ISO type B)were not taking  
                into account, i.e.:                               
              * decay half-life,                                  
              * gamma emission intensity,                         
              * decay branching                                   
           (DATA-ERR).The error is reported by authors.           
           (EN-ERR).The error is reported by authors.             
STATUS     (TABLE).Table 4,6 of J,RCA,99,1,2011                   
HISTORY    (20090409C) SB                                         
           (20110125A) Digitizing data were replace by table      
           of  J,RCA,99,1,2011. New reference were added.         
ENDBIB              55          0                                 
COMMON               4          3                                 
ERR-2      ERR-3      ERR-4      EN-ERR                           
PER-CENT   PER-CENT   PER-CENT   MEV                              
        1.5        2.0        3.0        0.2                      
  ENDCOMMON          3          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           62          0                                 
SUBENT        O1725003   20110125
BIB                  3          6                                 
REACTION   (74-W-186(P,N)75-RE-186-G,,TTY,,PHY)                   
STATUS     (TABLE).Table 6 and value in text at 15.29 MeV         
                   of  J,RCA,99,1,2011                            
COMMENT    *By author*.Thick target yields of Re-186-g corrected  
           for 137 keV photon absorption and isotopic abundance   
           of W-186(28.43%)                                       
ENDBIB               6          0                                 
NOCOMMON             0          0                                 
DATA                 3          2                                 
EN         DATA       DATA-ERR                                    
MEV        MBQ/COUL   MBQ/COUL                                    
       13.6       746.        31.                                 
      15.29       843.        42.                                 
    ENDDATA          4          0                                 
ENDSUBENT           15          0