List of JEF(F) Reports

JEF Report 1, Vol I

Index to the JEF-1 Nuclear Data Library, Volume I, General Purpose File (July 1985).

JEF Report 1, Vol II

Index to the JEF-1 Nuclear Data Library, Volume II, Special Purpose Files (September 1985).

JEF Report 2

JEF-1 Scattering Law Data; J.Keinert, M. Mattes (IKE 6 147), (September 1984).

JEF Report 3

Table of Simple Integral Neutron Cross-Section Data from JEF-1, ENDF/B-V, ENDL-82, JENDL-2, KEDAK-4 and RCN-3; NEA Data Bank (July 1985).

JEF Report 4

Fast Reactor Benchmark Tests on the JEF-1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File; H. Takano and E. Sartori, NEA Data Bank, (October 1985).

JEF Report 5

Integral Data Test of JEF-1. Fission Product Cross Sections; A.J. Janssen, H. Gruppelaar, R.J. Heijboer, N. Karouby-Cohen, L. Martin-Deidier, G. Rimpault and M. Salvatores. (ECN-176), (November 1985).

JEF Report 6

Benchmark test of JEF-1 evaluation by calculating fast criticals; S. Pelloni (EIR-Report Nr. 584), (June 1986).

JEF Report 7

Analysis of selected thermal reactor benchmark experiments based on the JEF-1 Evaluated Nuclear Data File; M. Mattes. (May 1986).

JEF Report 8

Graphical comparison of JEF-1 with EXFOR cross section data; Y. Nakajima. (November 1986).

JEF Report 9

Table of the main radioactive decay data parameters from JEF-1, ENDF/B-V, ENSDF, French, Japanese and UK Libraries; NEA Data Bank (June 1987).

JEF Report 10

JEF/EFF Based Nuclear Data Libraries; P.Vontobel, S. Pelloni (December 1987).

JEF Report 11

Validation of LWR Calculation Methods and JEF-1 Based Data Libraries by TRX and BAPL Critcal Experiments; S. Pelloni, P. Grimm, D. Mathews, J.M. Paratte (June 1989).

JEF Report 12

Comparison Calculation of a Large Sodium-Cooled Fast Breeder Reactor Using the Cell Code MICROX-2 in Connection with ENDF/B-VI and JEF-1 .I Neutron Data, S. Pelloni (February 1992).

JEF Report 13

JEF-2.2 Radioactive Decay Data; NEA Data Bank (August 1994).

JEF Report 14

Table of Simple Integral Neutron Cross Section Data from JEF-2.2, ENDF/B-VI, JENDL-3.2, BROND-2 and CENDL-2; NEA Data Bank (1994)

JEFF Report 15

Light Water Reactor (LWR) Pin Cell Benchmark Intercomparisons; NEA Data Bank (September 1999).

JEFF Report 16

Intercomparisons of Calculations Made for GODIVA and JEZEBEL; NEA Data Bank(December 1999).

JEFF Report 17

The JEF-2.2 Nuclear Data Library; NEA Data Bank (April 2000).

This publication exists also as book and CD-ROM, all of them could be obtained free of charge by simple order ( ). The web and CD-ROM versions contain active links to JEF/DOCs quoted in the report. However, the CD-ROM version is the most extended one and contains additional search facilities.

JEFF Report 18

Evaluation and Analysis of Nuclear Resonance Data, F. Frohner, (2000).

JEFF Report 18 (French translation)

Evaluation et Analyse des données relatives aux Résonances Nucléaires, F. Frohner, (2000).

Last reviewed: 16 August 2001