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ID     View      Target        Reaction         Quantity       Energy range  Sec.E/Angle    Accuracy  Cov Field            Date 
 1G     View request     14-SI-28          (n,np)             SIG    Threshold-20 MeV         4 pi          20    Y Fusion           23-MAR-07
 6G     View request     92-U-233           (n,g)             SIG      10 keV-1.0 MeV                        9    Y Fission          13-MAR-07
 7G     View request     26-FE-56          (n,xn)         SIG,DDX        7 MeV-20 MeV   1MeV-20MeV          30      Fission,ADS      16-APR-07
 9G     View request     92-U-233           (n,g)       nubar,SIG      Thermal-10 keV                       .5    Y Fission          19-APR-07
10G     View request    79-AU-197         (n,tot)             SIG       5 keV-200 keV                        5      Science,Fusion   06-JUN-07
11G     View request    94-PU-239     (n,f),(n,g)   SIG,eta,alpha          1 meV-1 eV                        1    Y Fission          06-JUN-07
13G     View request     24-CR-52   (n,xd),(n,xt)             SIG    Threshold-65 MeV                       20    Y Fusion           07-NOV-07
14G     View request    94-PU-242   (n,g),(n,tot)             SIG      0.5 eV-2.0 keV                        8    Y Fission          07-NOV-07
16G     View request    95-AM-243           (n,f)        prompt n          Eth-10 MeV                       10      ADS              10-SEP-08
17G     View request    96-CM-244           (n,f)        prompt n          Eth-10 MeV                       10      ADS              10-SEP-08

Number of requests found: 10 (out of a total of 106 requests).
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