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New CINDA quantity codes

Code  Description
 ALF  Alpha 	 
 AMP  Length or amplitude 	 
 CHG  Fragment charge 	 
 COR  Angular correlation 	 
 CS   Cross section 	 
 CSN  Differential with respect to number of particles 	 
 CSP  Partial cross section 	 
 CST  Temperature dependent cross section 	 
 D3A  Triple differential dAngle1/dAngle2/dE' 	 
 D3E  Triple differential dAngle/dE1'/dE2' 	 
 D4A  Quadruple diff. dAng1/dAng2/dE1'/dE2' 	 
 DA   Differential d/dAngle 	 
 DAA  Double differential dAngle1/dAngle2 	 
 DAE  Double differential dAngle/dE' 	 
 DAP  Partial differential d/dAngle 	 
 DAT  Temperature-dependent Legendre coefficient 	 
 DE   Differential d/dE' 	 
 DEP  Energy spectrum for specific group 	 
 DP   Diff. by linear momentum of outgoing part. 	 
 DT   Diff. by 4-momentum transfer squared 	 
 EC   Energy correlation 	 
 EMC  Effective mass correlation 	 
 ETA  Eta 	 
 EVL  Evaluation 	 
 FRS  Fragment spectra 	 
 FY   Fission product yield 	 
 INT  Cross section integral over incident energy 	 
 KE   Kinetic energy 	 
 KER  Kerma factor 	 
 LMC  Partial linear momentum correlation 	 
 MLT  Multiplicity 	 
 NQ   Nuclear quantity 	 
 NU   Nu 	 
 NUD  Nu delayed 	 
 NUF  Fragment neutrons 	 
 POD  Differential polarization 	 
 POL  Polarization 	 
 POT  Potential scattering 	 
 PY   Product yield (other than fission) 	 
 RI   Resonance integral 	 
 RP   Resonance parameter 	 
 RR   Reaction rate 	 
 SIF  Self indication 	 
 SPC  Gamma spectrum 	 
 TSL  Thermal scattering 	 
 TT   Thick target yield 	 
 TTD  Differential thick target yield, d/dAngle 	 
 TTP  Partial thick target yield