OECD/NEA Data Bank E-Newsletter

No. 5, March 2009

A year has passed since we launched this E-Newsletter, and we hope that you will continue to find it useful throughout the year to come.

  1. Nuclear data and tools
  2. Processed data libraries
  3. Chemical thermodynamics data
  4. Computer programs
  5. Integral experiments data
  6. Benchmarks
  7. Training courses and workshops
  8. Conferences
  9. Other items

1. Nuclear data and tools

The compilation of experimental and bibliographic nuclear reaction data, (EXFOR and CINDA), is progressing as planned. A workshop on processing tools for evaluated data was successfully organised in November 2008 at the NEA in conjunction with the evaluated data project JEFF. In February 2009, we released the JEFF3.1.1 library, an updated version of the neutron induced file and the fission yields libraries. It can be found at: www.oecd-nea.org/dbdata/JEFF/index-JEFF3.1.1.html. Improvements to this latest version of the JEFF.3.1.1 General Purpose library are particularly noteworthy as pertains to light water reactor applications and the associated fuel cycle. The documentation associated with this library has been published in draft form as the JEFF22 report. and can be found at: www.oecd-nea.org/dbdata/JEFF/JEFF311/index-JEFF-N_1.html.

The NEA will collaborate with the CEA in the organisation of the 2nd International Workshop On Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor applications, WONDER 2009, held in Cadarache, France from 29 September 2009 to 2 October 2009. For more information, please visit:

The NEA, in association with the IAEA will organise a Technical Meeting on Specific Applications of Research Reactors: Provision of Nuclear Data. The meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria on 12-16 October 2009. More details regarding the meeting can be found at:

2. Processed data libraries

Recently acquired or tested application data libraries:

3. Chemical Thermodynamics Data

Volume 11 in the TDB Series Chemical thermodynamics of Thorium was released in January 2009. Work is in progress on three (out of four) Reviews of Phase IV:

4. Computer Programs

The most recently acquired or tested computer codes are:

Note for users of DVDs sent out by the NEA Data Bank :

The CD-ROM and DVD robot used at the NEA Data Bank to produce copies of the information it distributes was upgraded recently. DVDs are produced for large packages with dual layers. The result of this upgrade and modification is that there might arise compatibility problems with operating systems and/or DVD-readers older than 12 years, i.e. released before 1997. Users experiencing problems with old DVD readers should either request information on CD-ROM or upgrade their readers.

Export control and license forms

Users are requested to download the latest versions when making requests as these forms are regularly updated.

For more details see the daily updated list at www.oecd-nea.org/tools/abstract/new.

5. Integral experiments data

Radiation shielding
Reactor physics
Fuel performance
Nuclear safety joint research projects

6. Benchmarks and Legacy books

Dr. J.D. Lewins has now released the following three legacy books:

7. Training courses and workshops

8. Conferences

Meetings and conferences sponsored by the Nuclear Science Committee & Data Bank

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